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Buckingham Park UFO

UFO Cuts Power to Buckingham Park Residents
January, 16 2017

A fast moving UFO cut the power to the town of Buckingham Park.

Close UFO

Close up UFO in UK.
March, 07 2016

Mr. Macdonald saw an up and close UFO-like object and managed to get a picture.

Blue Flying Saucer

Blue Flying Saucer Over Chile.
November, 15 2015

Thousands of people saw the object and took photo and video evidence.

UFOs Over Japan

UFOs Over Japan.
July, 29 2015

Ten objects were filmed over Osaka, Japan and we have the footage.

Alien Ceres

Are There Aliens on the Dwarf Planet Ceres?
June, 15 2015

Odd lights have been found on the small planet Ceres. Is it an alien base?

John Podesta UFO

John Podesta Says his Biggest Regret is not Disclosing UFOs
February, 17 2015

Obama aide John Podesta has come out publicly saying his biggest regret in the White House was not getting UFO disclosure.


NASA Shuts Down ISS Webcam When UFO Comes into Frame
January 20, 2015

NASA is at it again. A large spherical object was seen coming over the horizon of the Earth and they shut down their public live cam feed from the ISS.


UFO Caught on ISS Webcam
December 15, 2014

One of the best UFO videos from the ISS was caught on their webcam in late November. The object is flying by and then makes a quick turn and disappears at a great rate of speed.

Alien Encounter

Analysis of Why Aliens Don't Reveal Themselves
November 07, 2014

A detailed analysis on the subject of why aliens don't contact us and instead remain hidden.

Ancient Aliens UFO

New Ancient Aliens Proof Found
October 27, 2014

Another painting depicting a UFO in the fifteenth century has been found in a church in Romania.

UFO Timeline

History of UFO Sightings Timeline
June 20, 2014

There have been thousands of UFO sightings and abductions throughout time. Here, we have organized the most important ones in chronological order from around the world.

Space Pope

Pope Says he would Baptize Aliens
May 13, 2014

Pope Francis has come out and said he would baptize Aliens if they asked him to. Is he the first space Pope?

Blue UFO

Blue UFO in Netherlands
May 05, 2014

A blue saucer shaped UFO was videotaped over the Netherlands in April.

Dr. Roger Leir

Dr. Roger Leir Passes
March 18, 2014

Famed alien implant researcher Dr. Roger Leir has sadly passed away this week after a long battle of health problems. He will be missed by all.

Bessemer, MI UFO Sighting

Bessemer, MI UFO Sighting
February 02, 2014

Multiple witnesses in Bessemer, MI reported seeing a saucer shaped UFO hovering above their town. One person caught the UFO on video.

UFO North Devon

UFO Photo in North Devon
January 06, 2014

A photographer for an English journal snapped a shot of a UFO right before the new year.

Alien in Russia

Large Thin Alien Monster Climbing Building in Russia
December 10, 2013

A man caught a huge insect-like alien on film climbing a building in Russia. Very creepy alien unlike anything I've seen before!


JFK Assassinated Because of UFO Disclosure?
November 21, 2013

Was President Kennedy about to disclose the well kept secret of UFOs visiting Earth? New documents prove he was planning on it just ten days before he was shot.

Grey Alien in Bulgaria

Hikers Take Photo of Grey Alien in Bulgaria
November 11, 2013

Hikers caught what appears to be a grey alien on camera while hiking in Yundola, Bulgaria.

UFO at Canadian baseball game

UFO at Canadian Baseball Game (Video)
September 10, 2013

Many witnesses saw and reported seeing a UFO at a minor league Canadian baseball game on September, 3rd and someone caught it on camera.

Cloaked UFO

Cloaked UFO Evidence
July 19, 2013

People witness UFOs all over the world every day, but sometimes people see even stranger things that they can't explain. Can some of these objects in the sky be cloaked UFOs? Check out some of this strange video evidence.

Time Travel

Time Travel Proof
April 10, 2013

Are time travelers real? We have gathered proof from around the world of possible time travelers as well as a confirmed account from NASA.

Top Secret

Top 4 Government UFO Documents Proof That Aliens are Real?
March 14, 2013

The Governemnts of the world continue to deny that aliens are visiting Earth and that they have in their possession real UFOs. These are some of the most interesting documents obtained using the FOIA that may well prove that the Government has been lying to us.


Water Ice Found on Mercury
Dec 01, 2012

NASA's Messenger probe, launched to study the planet Mercury, has found billions of tons of metric water ice on the planets poles as well as a possible organic material. One of the first found in our solar system other than on Earth.


List of Habitable Planets
Sept 11, 2012

New NASA missions such as the Kepler project along with scientists all around the world are finding new habitable exoplanets throughout the universe. We've documented them here for your inquisitive minds along with much more information.

Fake UFO

Win a star with our Fake UFO Contest
April 1, 2012

We're holding a fake UFO contest to get an idea of how easy or hard it really is for the average person to trick ufologists and Photoshop gurus in this day of age using different image manipulation techniques. The prize is a star named after you through the International Star Registry. So Submit your entry today!

Earth like Planets Found

2 Earth Size Planets Found.
December 20, 2011

NASA'S Kepler mission has discovered two new planets just outside of our solar system that are almost the exact size of Earth. This is just the beginning of Earth like planets that NASA is going to find in the very near future.

Space Hotel

Space Hotel Coming to an Orbit Near You.
August 28, 2011

A Russian Company is rolling out a real hotel in space for anyone that can afford it complete with good food and all. The doors (well) hatch opens in 2016 so start saving now for your chance to orbit the Earth in your very own space sweet. (Video)

Pleiadian Beamship

Pleiadian Beamship Over Prague.
May 11, 2011

As a ship flew over Prague a female snapped this shot of what seems to be a Pleiadian Beamship, a type of UFO that was seen a lot between 1975 and 1998. We have found no other witnesses at this time.

Orange UFO England

Orange UFOs Caught on Video Over Shropshire, England.
May 11, 2011

An anonymous man caught what appears to be two orange UFOs (or as the locals call them mini suns) on film. You can watch them float and fly all around the sky's of England.

International Space Station

A Mission To Mars and the International Space Station.
April 09, 2011

Accourding to NASA, man will get to Mars by 2030 with a lot of help from the International Space Station and many countries pitching in to help. It's going to take a lot to get there, but we can do it if we all work together as we did with the space station.


How Far Away is the Moon From Earth
February 25, 2011

You think you know how far away the moon is from the Earth? You may be surprised. It may look like it's right there but the moon is a lot farther then most people think. See how close you are with this video on the distance between the Earth and the moon.


New Planet Possibly Nibiru Planet X found.
February 16, 2011

There may be a new addition to our solar system! Two astrologists think they may have located another planet in our solar system over four times the size of Jupiter. If this is true, then could it be the long lost planet X?

China UFO

Clear UFO Video Outside Plane in China
January 28, 2011

A UFO Video has been sighted outside of a plane in China that is surprisingly clear and has been sent to us anonymously. This can be considered conclusive proof that UFOs do visit Planet Earth.

Space Junk

Space Junk and Debris a Real Problem
December 14, 2010

Space junk has become a real problem for manned missions and satellites alike. The debris can cause major damage to everything in space as the millions of pieces whizz around at over 15,000 miles an hour and something needs to be done about it.

Horse Mutilation

Horse Mutilation in Denver Caused By Aliens and UFO
November 19, 2010

A recent horse mutilation in Denver, CO sparked a UFO investigator to check out the scene and found evidence of aliens. The owners of the horses are scared that they may come back and harm more of their animals.

Triangle UFO

Multiple UFO Sightings in Haskell County, Oklahoma
November 17, 2010

On two different occasions on September, 17th and October, 26 people in Haskell County, Oklahoma reported seeing a large black triangle UFO hovering over a field with rotating white lights.

Dr. Mazlan Othman

Alien Ambassador Appointed for Arival
October 13, 2010

The United Nations has a little known department that handles outer space law and other space regulations for Earth. Well a new head chairmen or in this case chairwoman has been appointed to lead the way as well as be our ambassador when the aliens arrive.

Martian on Mars

There's More to Mars Then Meets the Eye
September 11, 2010

The mission has shown that there was an abundance of water on Mars as well as an atmosphere that may have been able to support life. The evidence comes in the form of intricate measurements the lander took of the planet's atmosphere specifically, the relative abundance of different forms of carbon and oxygen in atmospheric CO2.

Lunar Space Station

Water Found on Moon Sparks Lunar Space Station Ideas
July 21, 2010

US researchers recently found water on, and inside the moon sparking interest in a lunar space station in the near future. With the closing of the International Space Station this will be a great opportunity to further science in space.

Alien Planet

Hundreds of Alien Planets That Could Support Life Found by NASA
June 18, 2010

The Kepler Project has started paying off already. The Kepler is a NASA project that has found over 150,000 different stars that could have planets that potentially could have life on them. In fact, it has found over 700 of them.

Sun Storms

Space Storms and Sun Storms May Black Out Earth
June 15, 2010

The sun is going to wake up from years of being dormant and the effects could hit Earth causing devastating mayhem.

Voyager Probe

Voyager Probe Reprogrammed by Aliens?
May 14, 2010

Houston we have a problem. Our probe has been taken over by aliens... Over 30 years ago we sent a probe called the voyager into space and it has been sending us data ever since. But suddenly the data has changed and we don't know what it means.

UFO New Jersey

Large UFO sighting in New Jersey Leaves People Baffled
May 13, 2010

A large number of people in Somerset County, New Jersey witnessed in broad daylight a large tube-like object in the sky on Thursday afternoon. Police and air traffic control left wondering what it was.

Stephen Hawkings Alien

Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking Says Alien Take Over Real
April 26, 2010

Stephen Hawking is one of the smartest people on the entire planet. He says that Aliens are real and that trying to contact them is a mistake. "If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn't turn out well for the Native Americans," he said. "We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn't want to meet."