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Possible New Planet Found in our Solar System Planet X? Nibiru

Feb, 16 2011

A new possible planet has been found right here in our own solar system. The possible planet Tyche (pronounced “tie-key”) is believed to be a gas giant located some 1.35 trillion miles from the Sun. If this planet is in fact a planet could it possibly be the infamous planet X otherwise known as Nibiru?

Astrophysicists John Matese and Daniel Whitmire from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette study comet movements and were the first to find the planet by noticing the unusual patterns of comets in the area that seemed to be affected by a large mass swaying them in different directions. This really isn’t a brand new discovery as Matese and Whitmire have been trying to come up with the evidence of the possible Planet X since 1999 so after ten years of compiled evidence they think they may have enough to convince the rest of the scientific community.

NASA’s WISE (Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer) which scans the sky in infrared has been scanning the sky’s mapping out hundreds of millions of objects producing millions of images might soon be pointed in that direction to see if it can pick up the distant planet. If found it will make Tyche our 9th planet.

The real question here is, is this the ancient planet Nibiru our planet X? Scientists say that if the planet does exist it’s probably not originally from our solar system, but probably broke out of its original one and somehow got caught up in our suns gravitational pull. Making it “alien” to our own solar system. Could this planet once have harbored intelligent life? When it broke off did they have to leave the planet before everyone froze to death and they are the ones visiting Earth on a regular basis?

It could be years before we find out if Tyche is even a planet at all and probably many, many more before we can determine if life had ever existed on the planet. The next thing to figure out is the orbit of the planet. Nibiru is said to come in and out coming close to Earth. Could this really be that planet?

Plantes in Our Solar System in Order

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