Russian UFO Crash KGB Cover up-1969

This top secrete KGB tape surfaced when supposedly a group of filmmakers and producers paid $10,000 for the UFO footage and labeled it "The Secret KGB UFO Files".

The film takes place in Sverdlovsk, Russia (formerly Yekaterinburg) in March of 1969. In the KGB footage you see the Military and scientists responding to a UFO crash. In the crash a UFO fell from the sky and was jammed almost halfway into the ground at an angle. There were many documents that were released with the film as well as the actual film canisters from the film itself. When you look at the video you can clearly see the authenticity. The soldiers are dressed appropriately for the times and the vehicles used are the same make and model as were used in the KGB around this time.

As with all UFO and Alien sightings there are many people out there that have been trying to debunk the video saying it was simply a hoax. This video, however is much too real to be made by an amateur photographer. If it is indeed a hoax there was a lot of money spent and they did their research on the KGB before hand. Therefore, until someone comes forth with the film set footage or some other concrete proof we have nothing else but to believe that this is a real UFO crash in Russia that was covered up until a corrupt official decided to sell out with the truth.

The real evidence is in the video though. It starts off with the military heading out to the crash site in the snow. If this is a fake video made by a film crew there would be many more footprints and vehicle tracks then are there when there entering the site. Unfortunately you don't get to see them unearth the craft, but only them carrying off the tree and metallic debris. In the files that came with the film, it was documented that there was also an organic being inside the space craft. It also stated that the being had been sent for an autopsy and then destroyed. This is a must see video for anyone that believes and everyone who does not.