Real NASA UFO Cover-up Pictures and Videos

NASA has been one of the major space exploration organizations of the world and have been to space and visited more planets than any other group on the planet. During they're studies and experiments they have taken an unimaginable amount of pictures and videos. In some of these pictures and videos people have found some truly unexplainable things.

NASA is part of the United States Government and there for has to adhere to rules set forth by the military and the department of defense. This means that they, just like the rest of the Government, doesn't tell us everything and keep a lot of information Top Secret.

Below are pictures and vids that were leaked out of NASA or were accidently made public. In some cases they have even taken them down afterwards or debunk them by stating it's space debris, light or some kind of film issue. Judge for yourself and check out what astronauts have to say about it.

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Johnson Space Center (JSC) Leaked "Black Knight
Triangle UFO Caught Over Moon From NASA
Edgar Mitchell Talks of UFO Disclosure
2001 Shuttle ISS Mission
NASA Apollo Mission UFO Pictures

Johnson Space Center (JSC) Leaked "Black Knight" UFO Pictures

These pictures were leaked by the Johnson Space Center and were on the NASA website since May, 2011. They stayed up for about a year and a half, after that when they were reviewed, they took down the high resolution images with no explanation. In the pictures you can see the black UFO hovering and in some pictures flying above the Earth. A very interesting set. I've listed the links to the NASA website where the low resolution pictures can be viewed as proof.


Black UFO Over Earth Black UFO Over Earth Black UFO Over Earth
Black UFO Over Earth Black UFO Over Earth Black UFO Over Earth
Original Low Res Links From the NASA Site:
NASA link 1
NASA link 2
NASA link 3
NASA link 4
NASA link 5

Triangle UFO Caught Over Moon From NASA

Triangle UFO Caught Over Moon

This peculiar picture from the NASA archives shows a triangle UFO far in the distance. If you click the above top picture and zoom in on the right side right above the hill you can see the triangle UFO. See the original pic from NASA here.

STS-114 NASA UFO Sighting

This video was taken by NASA during a return to Earth shuttle mission aboard the shuttle Discovery. What at first looks like random space debris or a satellite moving across the screen from right to left suddenly stops and makes a turn. This is one of the better leaked NASA videos that prove they are hiding the truth from the public.

Edgar Mitchell Talks of UFO Disclosure

Edgar Mitchell, one of only 12 people that have walked on the moon, has come out about alien and UFOs visiting Earth, and has said that it is true that they are here and that the greys are the most prevalent of the species (Check them out).

"How many or where or how they're doing it, but they've been observing us and here for quite sometime. We see these craft all the time. I believe what I'm saying and cite the evidence that I know."

"The reason for denial; We didn't know if these were hostile and if we could protect ourselves from them. Didn't wan't the soviets to know so they devised to lie about it and cover it up."

He has no doubt that there are alien craft observing the Earth right now and many more out there looking for us.

July 23, 2001 Shuttle ISS Mission

Source Image From NASA

A very Star Trek looking UFO Orbiting Earth caught on camera. Look how unbelievably beautiful the Earth is in the source picture picture.

NASA Apollo Mission UFO Pictures

From the Apollo 12, 14, 15, 16, shuttle Atlantis, and shuttle Discovery missions, these UFO pictures have almost all been proven fake. Most of them can be attributed light refections, film issues and other random anomalies. NASA has always done a good job at debunking alien craft that they have taken pictures of, but these do seem to be simply honest non-alien craft.

Apollo 12 1969 November 14-24

Apollo 12 UFO

NASA Image: AS12-49-7278. Amazing photo of the lunar landing with Charles Conrad, Jr, Richard F. Gordon, and Alan L. Bean. A bright light can be seen above Alan Bean. Most likely it's a reflection from the sun or camera flash but some assume it may be a UFO in the distance.

Apollo 14 Light in the Sky UFO

Apollo 14 UFO Moon

NASA Image: AS14-67-9367 Apollo 14: Rover in the background on the moon with a light above it. Most likely sun glare.

Apollo 14 Saucer Picture

Apollo 14 Saucer on Moon

NASA Image: AS14-70-9836/37. What looks like a typical "flying saucer" can be clearly seen by a crater on the moon. Could be an odd reflection of light. If it was a UFO piloted by extraterrestrial, from the dimensions of the picture, it would seem to be incredibly small.

Apollo 15 UFO

Apollo 15 UFO Moon

NASA Iage: AS15-85-11514. Strange light in the background from the Apollo 15 mission with David R. Scott, Alfred M. Worden, James B. Irwin on the crew.

Apollo 15 Saucer Rising Mt Hadley

Apollo 15 Saucer Rising over Moon Mount Hadley Saucer Moon

NASA Images: AS15-86-11603 and AS15-87-11849 respectively. Beautiful images of Mt. Hadley (4,765 feet) on the moon. In the distance in the top right of the photo you can see what some believe to be a flying saucer rising from over the hills. Check out a high def version on the NASA site.

Apollo 15 Odd Blue UFO

Apollo 15 Blue UFO

NASA Image: AS15-85/08. A very strange blue UFO out above the moon.

Apollo 16 Flying Saucer Over Moon

Apollo 16 UFO Saucer

What looks to be a UFO for certain, has been debunked by NASA. Whether you believe them or not is up to you.

Apollo 16 UFO Above John Young

Apollo 16 Bright Light UFO

Apollo 16 UFO Over Rover

Apollo 16 UFO Over Rover

Moon UFO Apollo 16

Apollo 16 UFO Duke

UFO Over Earth

Shuttle Atlantis UFO

UFO Over Earth

Shuttle Discovery UFO Over Earth