Alien Bases On The Moon? The Truth Revealed

It isn't well-known that the world Governments have been covering up the fact the aliens have bases on the moon. There are many facts, Pictures, videos, satellite images, and testimonies that create hard evidence of this fact. From respected scientists, Astronauts, and military personnel we gain a pretty define perspective on this subject. Secret Alien Moon Base

First we have this video, which is part of the disclosure project that starts off with a woman talking to Military personnel about an image from space that has an Unidentified Flying object in it. She asks, "is that a UFO" and he answered, "I'm not allowed to tell you that". Now we know that he could have even said yes because a UFO doesn't stand for some alien ship it simply means an Unidentified Flying object. However, he instead says it's privileged information. When she asks what he's going to do with this extraordinary information he replies, "it's procedure to airbrush these images out before we release them to the public".

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Next we have a man sergeant Karl Wolfe in the video that was brought to Langley air force base where the NSA (National Security Agency) was bringing in information and pictures from the lunar orbiter. At that point one of the Officers said that they had found a base on the backside of the moon. Afterwords sergeant Karl Wolfe was shown images of the base from large towers to spherical domes over half a mile in diameter on a section of the dark side of the moon. He immediately stopped looking at the moon base pictures fearing for his safety. These are real Military personnel not just people off the street. They came forward knowing that they and their families would be at risk just so they could reveal to the public the truth about UFOs and alien moon bases.

Alien Moon Base Pictures and Satellite Images

Alien Moon Base
Alien Moon Base
Alien Moon Base

These three images come from a NASA satellite which circled the moon in order to supposedly map it. Oddly enough though most of these missions were financed from the defence department and not just through NASA. NASA has blurred out the images of the alien bases and structures, but if you look closely you can, through the blurriness, see the shapes of the towers and buildings.

Alien Moon Bases

Here we have an image from a lunar module about 15 miles off the surface of the moon. Even though you can't really see the buildings themselves, you can see the basic geometric shapes of them like the rectangle in the bottom left corner.

Underground Alien Base

This is a Japanese satellite photo of a possible underground alien moon base. You can see two tunnels on either side and as we zoom in we can see something that looks like a weapon or possible communicating device.

Close Alien Moon Base

This is three images zoomed in at different levels showing a glowing object possibly a sphere. Nothing else on the moon would glow like this unless it was metallic or glass. The moon is almost like a dessert with craters and mountains. There is no water or anything else reflective on the surface.

Close up Alien Base on the Moon

This is a superior image of one of the alien moon bases. It's undeniable. You can see perfect shapes, buildings, roads, and walls. This is one of the images that wasn't supposed to be seen by the public. Classified...

Alien Moon Base from a Distance

The side of the moon that you can never see from the Earth is called "the dark side of the moon" this is where the aliens have their bases so as we can't see them from Earth. This is a satellite image from above that shows these bases even in the dark.

This is another example of something reflective on the surface of the moon that just shouldn't be there. Leading us to believe it's a dome used by extraterrestrials for research and housing.

Alien Tracks on the Moons Surface

This is one of my personal favorites so I had to add it. You can see a geometric shape leading to another point of light. This cannot be explained other than beings from another planet. From this distance it could be a number of things such as roads, buildings, covered irrigation, roads. It's impossible to tell.

Moon Base Ruins on the Moon

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Even more evidence seems to pile up on this subject as we look to the past. When you look at certain cities, objects, or ruins from space on Earth things don't always look so crystal clear. Tall and short images that are actually closer or farther away get blurred just like when you take a picture of something on your camera.

There are many places on the moon that have very similar characteristics as places on Earth from far away. Cities and almost all ruins come to mind. If you watch this video, it explains in detail with many satellite images from both the moon Earth and Mars to back up the theory that there are old structures canals and buildings on the moon that have been slowly washed away with time.

What this means is that there was, and most likely still are, alien bases or civilizations inhabiting the Earth's moon. With that in mind I can't help question why we have not gone back to the moon and why the Governments of the world choose to keep this as a secret. If they are hostile I doubt there is anything we can do about it anyway. So why the big secret? Why not tell the world? Are we in contact with them? Are aliens the reason why we have seen this surge of technology over the last 50 years? I'm sure many of you out there are thinking many of the same questions.