List of UFO Sightings Timeline


Nuremberg UFOApril 04, 1561 - Nuremberg UFO Fight in the Sky Around sunrise multiple witnesses were said to have seen disks, tubes and globes appear in the sky. It was described as a sort of battle in the sky; much like a dog fight would be done in WWII.


1790 UFOJune 12, 1790 - Police Inspector Liabeuf Alien Investigation During the summer of 1790 many witnesses from around France saw what they described as a red globe flying over the farmlands. It soon landed on a hill and emitted an immense heat that burned the area around it. After a crowd gathered around the object, a door opened and a man-like being emerged. It spoke in a strange language and disappeared into the woods. Soon after the craft was said to have exploded.


Aurora Tx UFO CrashApril 17, 1897 - The Aurora, Texas, UFO incident Early in the morning a UFO crashed into a windmill on a farm owned by Judge J.S. Proctor. Inside the craft was a being that was, according to witnesses, not of this world. The being was deceased so they gave it a proper burial. Read More


Foo Fighters1940's - Foo Fighters Sightings All throughout WWII hundreds of pilots from around the world saw and photographed strange disks and balls that would fly near them that they called Foo Fighters. Most people think that they were alien in nature and were watching us destroy ourselves.


 Cape Girardeau UFO crash AliensApril, 1941 - Cape Girardeau UFO crash In April of 1941 Reverend William Huffman of The Red Star Baptist Church was brought to a UFO crash site to perform last rites. When he arrived the three bodies were not human. All of the witnesses including the rescue crew (police, firefighters and residents) were told by the military not to speak of the event to anybody.


The Battle of LAFebruary 24th, 1942 - The Battle of LA At about 1030pm in Los Angeles, CA the Coast Guard and US Navy detected something flying over the coast. It was something they had never identified before. It could hover in place and move about quickly at the same time. They fired over 1400 rounds of 12.8 pound anti-aircraft artillery at the UFO over the course of hours and it did no damage to it the whole time. Then, it just took off unscathed. Since then, they have made movies about the event. Read More


UFO-Memorial of AngelholmMay 18, 1946 - UFO-Memorial of Ängelholm On May 18, 1946 in Kronoskogen Gosta Carlsson a Swedish entrepreneur saw a UFO land in a field. When it did, he reported being able to see the beings in the ship and said that they were not of this world. There is a memorial there now of the sauce shaped UFO.


Kenneth Arnold UFOJune 24, 1947 - The Kenneth Arnold UFO Sighting Also known as the Mount Rainier UFO Sightings on June 24th, 1947 pilot Kenneth Arnold saw nine unidentified flying objects near Mt. Rainier in the state of Washington in the US. They were shiny and metallic and were traveling at upwards of 1,200 MPH. Because of the shape of the crafts, this is the sighting that coined the term "flying saucers."


White Sands UFO CrashJune 29, 1947 - White Sands, New Mexico UFO Crash In 1997 in the White Sands Desert of New Mexico C. J. Zohn witnessed a glowing white UFO and caught it on film crashing to Earth. It skips a few times before bursting into flames. Watch the video here


Roswell UFO CrashJune, 1947 - Roswell UFO Crash Possibly the most famous UFO crash happened outside Roswell, NM in 1947 when Officer Walter Haut issued a statement that they had recovered a metallic disc with alien bodies inside. Later he retracted the statement. Read more


Thomas Mantell IncidentJanuary 07, 1948 - Thomas Mantell Incident After Highway Patrol reports of a large circular object in the sky above different parts of Kentucky the Military caught a glimpse of the white 300 foot in diameter object and sent four jets to intercept. Captain Thomas F. Mantell was the only one to get close to the object and described it as "looks metallic and of tremendous size." His jet later crashed and was killed during the incident.


McMinnville UFOMay 11, 1950 - McMinnville UFO pictures While walking back from feeding her livestock, Evelyn Trent saw a "metallic disk-shaped object heading in her direction" in McMinnville, Oregon. She yelled for her husband Paul who was in the house at the time and they took two pictures of the strange slow moving object. This was before the advent of easy photo-manipulation techniques.


UFOs Over DCJuly 12-29 - UFOs Over Washington, D.C. Multiple sightings between July 12th and the 29th happened around the capital of the U.S. and even in no-fly airspace by the White House. The UFOs were also picked up on multiple radars. Read More


Flatwoods MonsterSeptember 12, 1952 - The Flatwoods Monster At around seven at night three kids told one of their parents about them seeing something flying across the sky in Flatwoods, WV and possibly crash. The parent, Kathleen May, took five children and a guardsmen to go investigate. When arriving she said she saw what looked like a large pulsating "ball of fire" to their right. To the left she reported seeing a 10 foot tall creature that made a shrilling hissing noise as she pointed her light to it. At which time they all ran in terror.


Veronica, Argentina Sighting1952 - Huge Veronica, Argentina Sighting Six disc shaped UFOs were sighting flying over Veronica, Argentina by hundreds of people. They circled multiple times before shooting off. Hours later near Denver, CO Captain Paul Carpenter saw a similar craft moving at what he estimated around 3,000 MPH.


Milton Torres UFO EncounterMay 20, 1957 - Milton Torres UFO Encounter Radar picked up a UFO over East Anglia, United Kingdom and the U.S. military ordered pilot Milton John Torres to intercept. When he approached the UFO he prepared to fire and suddenly the UFO shot off at incredible speeds. The day after the encounter he was met by a man in a blue coat that briefed him and told him he was never allowed to discuss what he had witnessed; "He told me I would lose my pilot's license and it would be the end of my flying days."


Betty and Barney Hill Alien AbductionSeptember 19, 1961 - Betty and Barney Hill Alien Abduction While driving home in NH Betty Hill noticed a strange light in the sky zig zagging and possibly following them. Her and her husband Barney decided to stop, walk the dog and get a better look with their binoculars. They started driving again and the UFO got in front of them so close that they could see the alien beings inside. Their car stalled and suddenly they knew something had happened. As it turns out they were abducted and gone for some time. Read more


Valensole Alien EncounterJuly 1, 1965 - Valensole Alien Encounter On the date in question a farmer Maurice Masse in Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, France heard a strange noise and saw what he described as a large orb the size of a car. When he got closer he saw two small one meter tall aliens near the orb with light gray skin. When they noticed him he says they used a device on him that "froze him". They then talked in a strange language and ascended into the air in their ship.


Westall UFO EncounterApril 6th, 1966 - Westall UFO Encounter is Australia's most famous UFO sighting with over 200 witnesses. At Westall high school in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia hundreds of children and educators saw a UFO hover and land near the school at approximately 11:00 am. Afterwards, military units showed up and told everyone not to discuss what they saw. Read more


Portage County, Ohio UFO Police ChaseApril 17, 1966 - Portage County, Ohio UFO Police Chase At 5:00 am on the date in question, two officers Dale Spaur and Wilbur Neff saw a large disk shaped UFO. They chased the UFO to Mahoning County, Ohio where they had to stop their pursuit because they were out of their jurisdiction. Other officers continued the chase, but were unable to keep up. Read more


Falcon Lake IncidentMay 20, 1967 - Falcon Lake Incident Stefan Michalak claimed that while on vacation he saw two cigar shaped UFOs land near him. He approached one of them and heard voices inside that didn't respond to him trying to contact them in English. He burned himself on the craft and later according to doctors experienced hair loss and lack of appetite. The burn marks were in the shape of a grid. Click the picture to see the marks.


Jimmy Carter1969 - Jimmy Carter UFO Sighting Before he became President Jimmy Carter said that he and about twenty other witnesses saw a UFO coming towards them from the west at about 7:15 pm. It stopped before the trees and then turned from white to blue to red than back to white before taking off again.


Pascagoula AbductionOctober 11, 1973 - Pascagoula Alien Abduction While fishing in Mississippi Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker were abducted by aliens. When it was getting later in the evening the two men saw a medium size oval craft come down towards them. It hovered about two feet off the ground and three creatures paralyzed them and took them aboard.


Travis Walton Alien Abduction CaseNovember 5th, 1975 - Travis Walton Alien Abduction Travis Walton was a logger in Arizona. He and his co-workers were heading home out of the National Forest when they saw a hovering light in the distance and decided to check it out. When they approached Mr. Walton got out of the truck and was struck by a light and wasn't seen again for days when he was found dehydrated and malnourished. His story was amazing. Read more


Allagash Alien AbductionAugust 26, 1976 - Allagash Alien Abduction While camping in Allagash, Maine Jim Weiner, Jack Weiner, Charles Foltz and Charles Rak all claim to have been abducted by four finger beings that performed experiments on them including the famous alien probing.


Tehran UFO incidentSeptember 19, 1976 - Tehran UFO Incident Early in the morning over the capital of Iran after receiving reports of something in the sky the Imperial Iranian Air Force scrambled an F-4 Phantom II jet fighter to intercept. When the jet reached the UFO all of the instruments went down. A second jet was scrambled and caught up to the object. When it did it tried to fire, but its instruments went down as well. The UFO was said to be "brilliant" by both pilots. These sightings were also confirmed by radar.


Manises UFO incidentNovember 11, 1979 - Manises UFO incident A flight with 109 passengers heading to Las Palmas had to make an emergency landing because of a UFO. Pilot Francisco Javier Lerdo de Tejada noticed an object on a collision course with Flight JK-297. He changed altitude to avoid the lights coming head on with the plane, but the object followed about half a kilometer behind. The pilot decided to make an emergency landing at the Manises' Airport. The object did not follow, but radar picked up the object and determined that it had a diameter of 200 meters.


Rendlesham Forest IncidentDecember, 26th 1980 - Rendlesham Forest Incident Often called Britain's Roswell because of the military witnesses the Rendlesham Forest Incident is one of the more famous UFO sightings. Over a couple of days in 1980 a UFO landed in Britain and was investigated by the US military that had a base next to the forest. They saw the UFO landed in the forest and one of the men said that he even touched it. The next day they did tests for radiation and found high levels near the landing site. Read more


Belgian UFOs March 30, 1990- Belgian UFOs Between November 1989 and the beginning of April 1990 there was a wave of triangle UFO sightings over Belgium. On March 30th, 1990 multiple UFOs were caught on radar and were chased by two Belgian Air Force F-16s. Over 13,500 witnessed the event and the erratic manoeuvres of the strange crafts.


O'Hare UFO SightingsNovember 7, 2006 - O'Hare International Airport UFO Sighting Near Gate C-17 twelve employees reported seeing a metallic saucer shaped craft hovering over the airport. Other witnesses also came out that saw the object and described it as a "blatant disc shaped craft hovering over the airport which was obviously not clouds." The saucer then shot straight up into the air and disappeared.

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