Crop Circle Pictures

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Crop Circles From Germany Unknown Dates

Crop Circles From 1994 to 1997

These crop circles are from 1994 to 1997. Image one is a Spider web type of crop circle that was from Avebury, Wiltshire and taken on 8-11-1994. Image two is from 1996 and no other information is available at this time. Image three is Mesoamerican type crop circle and creates a lot of debate on how long aliens have been visiting us and the part they played in ancient civilization. Image four and five were taken in 1997-place unknown.

Unknown Crop Circles 1999

Crop Circle Wallop Hampshire-1999

Crop Circle From The Middle East-1999

Crop Circle Windmill Avebury, Wiltshire-1999

Barbury in Wiltshire, UK Crop Circle-1999

Crop Circle Wimpole-July 31, 1999

Crop Circle West Overton-1999

Crop Circle Roundway Hill Devizes Wiltshire-1999

Crop Circle Lockeridge Wiltshire, England-1999

Crop Circle Honey St. Alton Barnes Wiltshire-July 16, 1999

Crop Circle East Kennett Longbarrow, Avebury Wiltshire-August 4th, 1999

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