Monitor Live Space

Live Feed - International Space Station (ISS)

This is the live feed from the International Space Station (ISS). The channel should be live almost 24/7, but doesn't always show a feed of space because occasionally they will show the inside of the space station and do interviews. It's very cool to see the Earth and space live from your computer and many people have seen odd anomalies.

The ISS orbits Earth at 230 miles (370 km) at a speed of 4.791 miles/s (7.71 km/s). At that height and those speeds it travels around the world fifteen and a half times a day giving you a sunrise and sunset about every 45 minutes. So if the channel seems black it's probably because it's on the dark side of the Earth.

International Space Station (ISS) Location Map

If you're outside looking up and see something strange in the sky, it very well might be the International Space station (ISS). Check the live map below to see if it's over your part of the world.

The map is zoomable and you should be able to pinpoint if the object flying across the sky is the ISS.

Use the drop-down menu to determine what time it is in correlation to where the space station is. This will give you a good idea if it's dark how long until it will be light again in the live feed.

Some times may depend on region.
(If the screen is dark the ISS is on the dark side of Earth)

Tate in Space Satellite

(Flash Needed)

The Tate satellite was launched on June 6th 2002 and circles the Earth at a polar to polar orbit at 400km, and completes 15.56 orbits in a 24 hour period. It's not a streaming feed, but the pictures are near-live and update on average every 3-5 seconds.

We often get reports of UFOs around the Earth from this camera, but most of the time it is the moon. When people send in pictures from this view the object is huge, like moon huge. If there were a UFO ship that size outside of Earth we would most likely be able to see it with the naked eye from most of the planet.

What was that in the Sky? Cross Check Section

If you're here because you saw something in the sky, this is where you can cross check the object with different live Earthly and space phenomenon. We have gathered up to date live air traffic above as well as a live map of stars, planets and meteors that may be visible to the human eye. Using this information you may be able to determine if what you saw is nothing more than a meteor shooting by or perhaps a possible UFO. Please send in all information you find or leave a comment below.