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Pleiadian Beamship in Prague

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Pleiadian Beamship UFO Picture from Prague

May, 16 2011

Pleiadian Beamship

One of our readers sent in this picture that his girlfriend had taken of what appears to be a Pleiadian Beamship over Prague in March of 2011. The picture shows what seems to be a UFO flying across the sky and is quite clearly seen.

It does not appear to be man-made, may or may not be a Pleiadian Beamship, and we have not been able to find other witnesses at this time, but one thing we're pretty sure of is that it isn't from this world.

Mark had this to say:

"My girlfriend took this picture of the castle and town, she didn't see the object (top left) until I was looking at the pictures. I think it was March she was there this year.

If you look closely it looks like a classic Pleiadian beamship moving fast left to right. Tell me what you think, I'm a British Commando and am trained in aircraft recognition, but not birds. I'm sure it isn't a plane.

Goodluck in your ventures and I hope FULL DISCLOSURE arrives soon."

Pleiadian Beamships come in different types and sizes and range from what people think are interstellar space ships to Earth only vehicles. There were many sightings of these types of ships between 1975 and 1998 when aliens were thought to have been stationed here on Earth with a mothership operating outside of our planet. More information can be found here.

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