Proof of Time Travelers in Pictures and Videos

April, 10 2013

Time Travel

Is time travel possible? Many scientists think say it is. In Fact, there are a couple different opinions on how it can be accomplished.

There isn't much hard concrete proof of time travel as one would figure. If they did make a mistake and somehow revealed themselves and their time traveling ability they could easily go back and simply fix whatever mistake they made. Or even go into the future in the first place and watch themselves beforehand to make sure to not make a mistake before it happened. Kind of mind blowing really.

That brings up one of the biggest problems with time travel, paradoxes. If you go back in time and kill your parents while their children than how could you have killed them in the first place because you never would have been born? This is why some scientists think that going back in time might be impossible while going forward may be.

That brings us to the matter at hand. Time travelers that have gotten caught on camera or left traces of evidence. Let me know what you think in the comments at the bottom!

Astronaut Sergei Avdeyev Traveled in Time for Real into the Future

Astronaut Sergei Avdeyev was the first man to noticeably travel through time for with real with concrete proof.

Avdeyev orbited the planet at 27,360 km/h for 747 days, and through Einstein's now proven theory of time dilation he actually traveled into the future .02 seconds. That means that he actually slowed his time down while traveling while the rest of us on Earth were still traveling at regular time. He therefore traveled into the future.

The Time Travelers Watch - Evidence Found in Chinese Tomb

In 2008 a Chinese archaeologist opened up a four century old Si Qing tomb in Shangsi County. While opening up the tomb an object fell and hit the floor. One of the witnesses there said that it sounded like a pinging sound metal would make, although the watch was in fact, made of stone.

"suddenly a piece of rock dropped off and hit the ground with metallic sound," said Jiang Yanyu, former curator of the Guangxi Museum.

While watches weren't quite around at the time when the tomb was closed, the really interesting thing is that on the back of the watch it simply stated "Swiss". Like the watch company and the country Switzerland. Both of which were not even close to being thought of when the tomb was closed.

The watch time was also curiously set at 10:06. Some suspect that a time traveler may have been around at the time of the tomb closing and placed it there as a sign or warning. If that is the case why would they and what does it mean?

Women Talking on Cell Phone on Charlie Chaplin Film in 1929

In a behind the scenes clip from Charlie Chaplins movie "The Cirus" a woman walks by holding what appears to be a mobile phone up to her ear and seems to be talking at the same time. While it's obviously not a mobile phone because there were no cell towers around at that time there is speculation that it may be a device to talk to people between time.

Time Traveler Cell Phone Charlie Chaplin

Close up of the cell phone time traveler.

Time Traveler Cell Phone Charlie Chaplin

The video is really compelling. You can actually see the person in the video on the phone and while we slow it down you can see them talking on it as well.

The Famous Vonhelton Time Traveler

Vonhelton is a proclaimed time traveler who claims that he has been to 1857 England, 1916 France, and 1945 Germany. He backs up his claims with specific pictures of himself during these time periods.

Vonhelton Time Traveler

The 1938 Leominster cell phone Incident

Time girl on cell phone

This picture and film was taken in 1938 in Leominster, MA. As you can see it seems she is talking on a cell phone or some other phone-like device that was not out at the time.

In the video you can see her actually talking on it and she seems to fold it up like a flip phone before beginning to put it away.

Check out the Video

Boxing Fan

A video of a man filming on what looks to be a smart phone in 1995 during a boxing match between heavy weight champion Mike Tyson and Mcneely has recently turned up.

In the August match you can see a person in the background holding up a smartphone filming the fight. Truthfully I would probably be watching the fight too if I was a time traveler. Especially with the huge bet on the fight I would have made.

Mike Tyson Fight Time Traveler

Andrew Carlssin Man From the Future

Andrew Carlssin Andrew Carlssin (Age 44) was getting lucky at stock market trading, a little too lucky. In fact, he turned $800 into $350,000,000 in just a couple of weeks with 126 perfect high risk trades.

This of course got the attention of the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) who investigated him for insider trading. He was arrested on January 28, 2003 by the FBI

While being interrogated, which lasted about four hours according to the FBI, he stated that he was from the year 2256 and that's how he knew which stocks were a fantastic buy and which ones weren't in the volatile markets.

To try to prove that he was telling the truth Carlssin gave the FBI predictions of the exact date of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, the cure for HIV, and the location of Osama Bin Laden. The FBI of course did not believe him.

"We're still trying to ferret out the source of it in trading. He will remain in jail until we get the information." Said a spokesman for the FBI.

Andrew Carlssin News

Carlssin asked to be released and that he would cause no more trouble. He simply wanted to go to his time machine and back to his own time. The FBI asked to see the time machine, but he refused.

He then one day turned up in Torronto stating that he had come to an agreement with the FBI and was released to live in Canada.

Come Time Travel With Me