Exposed - Cloaked UFOs Caught on Camera

July, 19 2013

Cloaked UFO

People report witnessing UFOs every day around the world, although the percentages of factual alien crafts are very low. One speculation as to why even more people don't report them, is because they may be cloaked.

Think about it. If an alien race can travel hundreds of thousands of light years they can certainly create some kind of cloaking invisibility technology. Even here on Earth we've begun to turn what used to be part of science fiction in to reality.

From Duke University "The cloaking device uses meta-materials to split electromagnetic waves and channel them around an object so that they appear on the other side, hiding the object from sight. Meta-materials are man-made compounds that exhibit properties not found in nature."

While we are nowhere near where other advanced civilizations could be, we're coming along. That said, even if other advanced civilizations have the technology it doesn't mean that it always works properly in our environment. Here are some Videos of Cloaked UFOs from around the world.

Broken UFO Cloaking Device in Mexico

This is an interesting cloaked UFO video. In the clouds you can see how it starts to flutter trying to keep the same background as the sky and clouds as it hovers above the city.

Woman in Virginia Catches UFO on Video - Same UFO Filmed in Completly Different State

A woman in Virginia caught this cloaked UFO on tape at an amusement park. The park spokesman said it was most likely smoke from a ride called the volcano. The only problem with his statement is that the same UFO has been seen in pictures dating back to the 1950s and one was even filmed in a different state not long after as seen below.

Denna said she's positive it wasn't smoke.

"Smoke usually looks, smokey, cloudy, smokey, a ring of smoke. A perfect circle. This thing was lined up so tight like it was eclipsed in the middle of the sky."

Here you can see another one of these circle cloaked UFOs that was taken at a different location by a different person, but have a blimp in view to give a perspective of the real size and shape of the UFO.