Nasa Turns off ISS HD Cam When UFO Appears

January, 20 2015


On January, 15th NASA's live feed aboard the International Space Station that orbits Earth at 268 miles (431 km) caught a quick glimps of an unidentified flying object for a couple seconds before they shut off the public feed because of "technical difficulties."

The object was seen flying over the Earths horizon towards the ISS's HD camera thousands of miles away in low orbit space as seen in the video below. It appeared to be grey in color and sherical in shape, much like the death star in Star Wars. It's size is hard to determine because we don't know exactly how far away it was at the time, but it seems to be ver large.

This, by far isn't the first time that NASA has covered up UFOs in space. In fact, it has happened and documented a lot. Just last month there was a story about a UFO in the distance of the space station caught on the camera traveling by and then turning a perfect 180 degrees. Even in the early days of space flight there are recordings and quotes by astronaugts mentioning aliens and UFOs, some of which using code words to communicate to Houston of their presence.

NASA has yet to release a statement on this video, but if they do they are sure to not admit to it being anything important. It is curious though, that the camera was shut off right when the object appeared in the frame.