UFO Cuts Power Over Buckingham Park

January 16 2017

On Thursday January 5th residents of Buckingham Park, Buckinghamshire had their power cut off and witnessed a bright UFO in the sky above.

Buckingham Park has a population of approximately 1,748 (2011 Census) many of which lost their power when the UFO was within sight, which is a close encounter of the second kind.

One witness that wishes to be anonymous had this to say.

"We were lying in bed and this extremely bright light lit up the room. We assumed it was a star because it was a clear night but it was so bright.

Then it slowly rose up and suddenly shot over the top of our house and you could hear an aircraft like noise but it was too fast to be a plane."

"As it passed over the power in our house dropped and came back. It really freaked us out. Then about 45 minutes later we heard the same sound and the power dropped again briefly and came back. We took a picture but didn't have time to do a video as it suddenly shot off."

UFO Over Buckingham Park

Another witness said

"I was sat watching telly with the blinds closed but one of them was sort of lit up, as if someone was shining a torch on it. I looked out and saw this really bright light and then it suddenly shot across the top of the house and as it did all the lights went down and came back on.

UFOs have often been reported to cut power to cars and electric devises when in close range.

The UFO was described as bright and like a round disk. It moved faster than normal craft and had abilities to maneuver unlike normal planes and helicopters.

So far we only have the picture of the object, but are looking for a video. If you have any further information on the UFO over Buckingham Park please get in contact with us.