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Two Orange UFOs Caught on Film in Shropshire, England With Video

May 11, 2011

Orange UFO England

On May 1st an anonymous person on a farm in Shropshire, England filmed two objects in the sky that they believed were unidentified flying objects or UFOs.

At first there was just one UFO hovering about and then minutes later a second one appeared as the first one flew slowly towards the north. They both made no noise what so ever, like a helicopter or plane would have, and both ended up going in the same direction.

The first UFO started blinking as it moved left of the screen until it was gone in the dark like a planet may look from a distance, but it was definitely not a planet as it was moving across the sky much too fast as well as hovering in place for long periods of time.

Skeptics were quoted saying that they think the objects may have been some kind of Chinese lanterns or something similar, but the lights in the sky were much to large to be anything of the sort and moved around the sky against the wind.

Then out of nowhere the second orange UFO takes off at a much faster rate until it's completely out of site which helps debunk the lantern theory.

These Orange UFOs are becoming quite common in the area and no one can seem to explain what they are exactly. They even have a nick name of "Mini Suns" According to locals.

Are they just a prankster trying to fool everyone or are they creatures from another planet visiting us with some different kind of ship that were not used to seeing?

We've reviewed the video and the video itself hasn't been doctored so whatever they are they are real, it's just not clear what exactly they are.

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