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Voyager Probe Picked up Reprogrammed by Aliens?

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Voyager Probe Picked up Reprogrammed by Aliens?

May 14, 2010

Voyager Probe

The Voyager probe was launched into space in 1977 and has been sending us data back ever since. Part of Voyagers mission is to search for other life forms in our solar system and deep space. The probe even has a gold disk holding lots of information about Earth, our people, and animals that live here. The day might have come where it's being put to use.

The US space agency NASA says that it is probably due to a technical glitch, but others say NASA should not rule out the possibility that other factors may be involved.

Last month something went wrong with Voyager's transmissions. Voyager's chief scientist, Edward Stone, says there has been a glitch.

"The voyager spacecraft are controlled by three onboard computers and one of them formats the scientific data that's transmitted back to Earth," he said.

"Somehow the format got garbled, so data wasn't exactly in the order we expected."

NASA often dismisses things and then we never hear of them again much like UFO Sightings in Space By astronauts and Area 51. They are still receiving information it's just that it has changed and they're not sure what to make of it. This is exactly what the purpose of the mission was for. New information and New alien life.

So the question still remains. Did the aliens reprogram the Voyager to try to send us some kind of message like we tried to send to them?

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