History of the Earth : Who are the Anunnaki?

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History of the Earth : Who are the Anunnaki?

Postby sumeria » Mon Dec 02, 2013 6:56 am

"The Fallen Angels" according to Zecharia Sitchin are the extraterrestrial race who came from the Planet Nibiru to find "gold" for their damaged atmosphere. They came and created homo sapiens to labor them in their mines in Africa. According to the Sumerians "Nibiru" sometimes called as "Marduk" or "Elenin" is the twelfth planet in our solar system. Because of the structure of its orbit, per 3600 years it enters into the solar system and cause global disasters.

And the "Anunnaki" are the residents of this planet. The first arrivals were the workers and some officers. As the time passes they resisted against long working hours in the mines and "homo erectus" became a solution for harsh labor. By genetic engineering the Anunnaki has developed homo erectus into homo sapiens.

Therefore the mythological characters like Enki, Ishtar, Ea...have flourished in Sumerian and Babylonians texts. Today when scientists see the tablets they notice detailed version of the solar system, with correct images of the planets numbering twelve. Sumerians at that time had been able to construct the map of solar system with every details. Mesopotamia, which is in modern Iraq, became the starting point of civilization. Writing, maths, arts, geogarphy, commerce, construction and much more sciences were first seen in this area. "The land between two rivers", Mesopotamia, with its modern cities like Ur, Uruk, Eridu were the land in which "homo sapiesn" started to live as an organized manner. And this could happen with the intervention of Anunnaki to the history of the earth and evolution of the man living on it.

In many ancient texts of Sumerians and Babylonians a refences to these "gods" can be seen. "Epic of Gilgamesh" is the most famaous ones of those text. It shortly mentions the rivalries between the gods who have superior powers and abilities. And later all these characters could be visible in Greek mtyhology. Zeus, Apollon, Athena all these gods had super natural powers and were able to shape the earth with hese powers. Indian famous epic "Mahabharata" also mentions a great war between these gods who can use horrible weapons even like "nuclear" power. The gods in this epic were using flying objects called "Vimanas".

All these were the results of the visiting of Anunnaki from the planet Nibiru to the Earth, nearly 450.000 years ago. They were first settled in South Africa to obtain gold. And then created homo sapiens to continue to this mining.

As the time passes the number of these aliens called Anunnaki had increased together with the number of the homo sapiens. Towards the end there had been disagreement between these gods whether to help and train the homo sapiens to survive on the earth or let them to their own fate or even to terminate them completely:

Enki and Enlil who were the sons of the Sumerian god "Anu" have played the leading roles of the mentioned rivalry. Enki was on the side of the homo sapiens, he aimed to transfer the "Tree of Knowledge" to them, on the other hand Enlil was not happy with Enki's activities who was helping "Adam" and "Eve" living in "Aden" to find the secret fruit.
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Re: History of the Earth : Who are the Anunnaki?

Postby Swami » Tue Jul 14, 2015 2:07 pm

So all this hocus pocus of humanity all done for mining some gold....sounds mysterious. .... ..who told u about this mate...
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