Alien Abduction?

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Alien Abduction?

Postby Nadyenka » Sun Nov 16, 2014 12:02 pm

This happened near Tyler, Texas USA in the summer of 1978, June, late in the evening. I was 15.

My Mother and Aunt took my Aunt's station wagon, loaded me, my 5 year younger Sister, my 2 year younger Male Cousin, his 2 years younger Btother, same age Step Sister, and 2 year younger Step Brother into the station wagon and headed out to a tent revival about ten miles east of Tyler. We got there about 5 pm as the revival was starting for the evening. Mother and Aunt ushered us all inside and us kids sat there bored for the next 4 hours. The preacher then gave everyone a 30 minute break to grab a snack and drink. Fuel for the next 4 hours of the revival. Us kids took the opportunity to slip away from our Mother and Aunt. They returned to the revival without us. The kids started chasing each other around the outside of the tent which was similar in design to a circus tent. I played along for awhile then hid out behind the tent. This is where/when things really began (I later realized this was not my first encounter - more on that later).

I was relaxing there behind the tent when I saw a blue light in the field next to the revival. I thought at first that it was a tractor, but I looked again and realized it couldn't be as tractors don't hover 10 - 20 feet off the ground. It was a bluish silver disc shaped craft. A ladder was extended to the ground in front of it and 2 bluish grey aliens were climbing down the ladder. 3 more aliens were already on the ground and I realized they were staring and gesticulating at me even as I was staring at them.

At about this time my Sister ran up and tried to get me to join their game of chase. I pointed at the aliens and told her I was watching them. She didn't even look. She just laughed at me and said yeah, right, you're watching aliens, then ran off back around the tent. That is the last thing I remember until about 4 hours later when I suddenly heard my Mother calling me. The revival was over for the evening and it was now about 1:30 in the morning. I had lost about 4 hours.

My Mother and Aunt loaded us kids all up into the station wagon. I made sure to sit in the very back facing backwards so I could watch for the alien craft. It followed us almost all the way home.

After this encounter I frequently lost time. When I went away to college it got so bad that my teachers threatened to drop me from their classes as I was missing from all classes for days at a time. Around this time I started to notice False Memories. An example being I would remember having lunch or dinner at the school cafeteria with my roommate and a couple of her friends, but she and they would emphatically deny that I had been there. I would also have memories of doing my homework only to discover it had not been done.

This loss of time continued at this pace until I graduated when I was around 30 years old. At that point the time loss became less often and for shorter periods of time.

During the time I was in college still, I was around 27 at the time, I went to the campus doctor - despite my intense fear of doctors and hospitals - to have what He thought was a cyst removed from my left upper arm. When he cut in and began trying to remove it, blood began spraying all over his office and he yelled for help. When he finally got it out, he discovered not a normal cyst but a cyst surrounding a metallic chip like object. He was quit puzzled and stated he was going to "send it off" to see just what it was. I never heard from him again about it so I don't know what, if anything, he actually found out.

I continued to lose small amounts of time, a few hours here and there, until I married my current husband. I also had regular nosebleeds for no obvious reason (Dr had no idea why and I felt like he didn't believe I was even having them). During the time between the tent revival and college I developed an intense fear of heights and flying even though I lived in a 1 story house and had never been up in any aircraft (as far as I knew).

I mentioned earlier that this was not my 1st contact, possibly, with aliens. I remember that as a child, starting when I was about 2 or 3 years old, I would sit out in the rye fields in Strel'na, Russia (about 30 miles south of St. Petersburg, Russia) where I was born. Creatures that I innocently thought were Angels would come out of the sky in a brilliant blue and white light and "minister" to me for hours on end. This would happen several days a week. They would tell me that I had important things to do when I grew up and would show me mental images of me t as liking to people in a support group type of setting.

I actually did this for about ten years starting shortly after I married my husband. The "Angels" also showed me mental images of my husband at various ages and told me he was the man I was "supposed" to marry. This was while I was 2-3 years old. I recognized him the minute he walked into my office 30 some odd years later here in the USA.

A note.... After we got married we were trying to get pregnant and I was going to a well known Doctor who practices in both Texas,USA and Paris, France. After many tests and exams he stated that although he couldn't explain it, it appeared that my eggs had been harvested!???

What the ....? Do Aliens do that? It's the only explanation I can think of as to how that could have happened. And if they did/do - Why?
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