Top-Secret CIA UFO Files, Reports, and Documents

Top Secret UFO Files

This is a substancial catalog of UFO and alien Disclosure files, reports, and documents from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States of America (U.S.). These are all of the reports found after searching through thousands of files that have any refrence to Unidentified Flying Objects, extraterrestrials, and flying saucers.

These CIA UFO Government files were obtained using the freedom of information act (FOIA). While we did our best to extract as much information as possible, documents that are still labeled Top Secret or Classified, cannot be released to the general public.

If you would like to rummage around their files as well here you go. Just remember. They are spies...

In order to view most of these files you will need Adobe PDF Reader. Most computers and mobile devices already have this installed.

Documents and Files

Report of UFO at Time of Soviet Satellite Failure


Classified Document Requesting CIA UFO Expert

Soviet file 1968 UFO scientific investigation

Opposing soviet scientists views on extraterrestrial UFOs

UFO Photo Analysis Inconclusive (With Images)

Flying Saucers Over Argentina, Chilean, British Bases in Antarctica 1965

Bahia Blanca Buenos Aires Argentina 1962

CIA Guide to UFO Photographers 2 files 1960

Flying Saucers Over Sweden 1959

UFO Sighting While Observing Mars not Sputnik 1958

Saucer Shaped UFO that Flattens out as Speed Increases 1957

LEON DAVIDSON Letter Requesting Information on Flying Saucers

Flying Saucers Report by CIA in Budapest 1955

Coming Years Mars Will be Close More UFOs by CIA 1956

CIA Report of Flying Saucer Outside Train

CIA Report of Flying Saucer Outside Train II

Flying Saucers Sightings July 5 Through September 2 1954

CIA Flying Saucer UFO Cases From July 31 Through September 20 1954

Flying Saucer UFO Cases From January 19 through May 15 1954

German Nazi UFO (Flying Saucer) Examined by CIA

Sightings Examined by the CIA of Flying Saucers Around the World

Swedish Pilot Observes Round Shaped Object Moving at Speed of Sound

Unidentified Aircraft Reported Over Spain, Greece, North Africa

Engineer Talking About German UFO (Flying Saucer) Plans

UFO Luminous Saucers Sighted in Spain and Africa

Investigation of Norwegian UFO Sighting

Saucers Sighted Over Spain and Africa

Mayor Sees Flying Saucer Land and Sees Two Aliens 1952

Flying Saucers Chased Over Congo Uranium Mines by Pilot

1978 United Nations Called on World Governments to be on Full UFO Alert

A Horrific Picture of Revenge on the Part of Extraterrestrial Creatures CIA

Captin Vladimir Molokanov Alien Abduction

China Fourth National Congress of the China UFO Society

Ekip Firm Creating Flying Saucer at Saratov Aircraft Plant

Fast Thermoplane Flying Saucer Program

Flying Saucer Reported in Beijing

Hill 611 Flying Sphere Crashed in the Village of Dalnegorsk

Ivan Tretyak USSR Conferms UFOs Being Intercepted and they have Stealth Like Capacities

Large Illuminated Ball Above Murmansk

Military Considers UFOs to be Real

Saucer Triangle Like UFOs Moving at Incredible Speeds

UFO Landed Near Atsavan Village While Changing Shape with Lights

UFO Near Russian MIR Space Station

UFOs Visit Remote Areas of Russia According to Officials

UFO Sighting in China and Taiwan Can't be Explained

Unidentified Flying Object Over South Korean. Air Force Scrambled and Couldn't Catch it.

65 Pages of Recent CIA UFO Files from the FOIA