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UFO Sighting in Birmingham- 6/16/2007

Runtime: 2 min 31 sec
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Really not that good of a UFO video in terms of proving their existence, but we can't disprove it at the moment so we'll release it to the general public so you can all be the judge.

Short Clip of a Possible UFO in Bulgaria

Runtime: 9 sec
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Pretty good for a short nine second clip. We would love to get our hands on the full version so it can be analyzed closer, but for now this is all we have. It could easily be a fraudulent video, were really not that sure, all we know is our experts say the video itself hasn't been tampered with, but the flying saucer type UFO could be a hoax and nothing more than a disk on a string.

UFO in Space Filmed by NASA's Shuttle Discovery

Runtime: 27 sec
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NASA had many different films and voice recording up until a few years ago when they stopped making them public because of accidental UFO videos like this one.

UFO Video From Mecidiyeköy On Roof Top

Runtime: 1 min 16 sec
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Strange video in Mecidiyeköy of a UFO over the beautiful skyline. This video is a little weird to me, but seems fairly legit as the UFO shoots off to the right.

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