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UFO Videos

Interview With Actor Dan Aykroyd Astronauts and Others- A Must Watch

Runtime: 1 hr 21 min 15 sec
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A must see video with Dan Aykroyd talking about UFOs and Aliens, how the Government covers them up and different Governments that have stepped forward and said that they were real. He discusses the sightings above Washington, The Mexican Government coming forward with video proof, how advanced they are compared to us as a species, theories on different dimensions, and Government secrets. They show tons of UFO videos and give detailed explanation on how they are not from this world and why. They discuss abductions, tagging people, alien research and human study. And, Dan smokes a pack of cigarettes

Russian MIG's Chase a UFO- Caught on Video

Run time: 1 min 31 sec
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These MIGS were scrambled to intercept a slim cylinder Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) but when the Russian jets catch up with the UFO it takes of at incredible speeds. This video was classified, but has recently been released and Now since then the debunkers are saying this is a standard target practice exercise. But then why was it classified for so long?

UFO Videos of Official FAA Recordings of Pilots Transmissions

Run time: 1 hr 58 min 10 sec
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Documentary with Pilots in Alaska and the North East, both private, Military, US, British, and Japanese confirm multiple large (bigger than an aircraft carrier) flying very close to them in the air and making maneuvers that are impossible according to our technology today. There are many recordings many around the same time quoting the same features.


Run time: 3 min 11 sec
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At first when we saw this video we were skeptical simply because of the movements of the UFO. Why would it be moving around so much? What exactly was it doing? Then, while talking to an Air Force pilot I decided to show him the video and he said that in dog fighting one of the first things you want to do is disorientate your opponent generally by getting in front of the sun just like this UFO was doing.

UFO Video of a Crashed UFO in Russia-1969 by KGB

Run time: 3 min 3 sec
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Filmed some time between 1945 and 1963 this is a one of a kind video that was released by the KGB of a crashed UFO somewhere in Sverdlovsk Russia. The video was obtained with several Top-Secret documents that reflect on what happened on the day of the crash. The video has been proven to be authentic from the uniforms to the trucks to the formations of the soldiers. In the video you can see a couple of officers, soldiers, and no doubt some scientists to determine if this Unidentified flying object was earthly or not. When they finally opened the UFO they found a single pilot which was taken to a base where research and an autopsy was performed according to the KGB documents.

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