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Hate Mail From Non Believers

Everyday we get tons of emails and submitted content to the site. Most of them are constructive and generally helpful but some are just plain hateful, disrespectful, and crazy. So we've decided to start posting them simply for the fun of it. Enjoy!

Are you a non believer that has something to say? Then submit your rant here so we may document it for future reference when the truth is disclosed.

Latest Hate Mail

Date: 10-22-2014
Name: John
Subject: Alien Photo
I live in the Solomon Islands

My Local Wifes father came back from 6 months of logging on Malaita Island in the Bush.

A dozen people on his crew sighted an Alien or as they call it \"devil\" around their camp many times. They all caught sight of it in the middle of the day and all tried to get a snap of it. And I have the most controversial picture ever.

I thought this has to be photoshoped, but the phone I got it off, took the shot and was a basic mobile. Its really Amazing and clear and creepy

Fake Alien in the Bush

Date: 07-07-2014
Name: Art
Subject: UFO
Hello, as I was going through some photos of an army unit I belonged to in the 1970s, I discovered a ufo.

I did not take the picture, but this real.

Thank You


Fake UFO over Tank

Date: 03-11-2014
Name: Joe
Subject: Secret AGent
Hey man do you smoke B**

I need some seeds

or any good stuff

let me know


Date: 12-02-2013
Name: Deborah J
Subject: Alien in Room
My name is Deborah. last night my son was downstairs playing his video game. his girlfriend was laying on the couch. she snapped a picture of him with her iphone. when she looked at the picture she saw the face in the upper left corner. above the door is a shelf. My son's games touch the ceiling. She showed the picture to my son. Who showed me, everyone in my house is now freaked out. let me know what you think. thank you

Alien In Room

Date: 04-09-2013
Name: Frikkie
Subject: Alien on camera South Africa
The photos were taken with my mobile. Apologies for the small size photos. My camera size was set to min size for im and for max amount of photos.

Aliens in South Africa - My Week end of 2013.03.20-24 Dam camp out

Something on the water caught my eye and I took a photograph. Never thought of this again.

First i thought someone is hokesing me. But nobody touches my phone. Asked my daughter and she knows nothing. Asked my wife she saw nothing. Then i focused on the photos.

If someone planted an allien over my photo, this will cut out parts of the background. Also both alien pictures must look the same.

It was taken on a dam in the kzn kwazulu natal region in Natal South Africa, outside Pietermaritzburg 70 km from Durban

Alien Africa Alien Africa Alien Africa
Alien Africa Alien Africa Alien Africa

Date: 03-28-2013
Name: Michael
Subject: Alien pic from Indonesia
I just received a pic from my sister back in Indonesia.

So, based on her story, her friends were taking pictures in a mall without realizing that there was an alien standing in there, not until the picture was taken. I am not quite sure whether it is real or not, but meybe you have better judgement on this pic. It just seemed unusual for me. Hope it is useful for your research.


Alien Indonesia

Date: 01-29-2013
Name: Francis
Subject: Little Creature Caught on Camera
Taken on January, 2013 at Quezon Province Philippines, while my sister-in-law on vacation to her hometown, everytime her little nephew taken a picture this little creature appears but only with her nephew. can you explain how could this happen?
Alien Creature Philippines

Date: 12-06-2012
Name: Zod
Email: zod991@rocketmail.com
Subject: [No Subject]
My name is zod from the planet krypton yes this planet is real I haked in this aliens email cuz he is the son of my friend jor-el the boys name is kal-el and he has been leaving on this planet since he was sent here if u want more on him email on my email zod991@rocketmail.com and do not tell this email you were in contact with him or me

Date: 09-10-2012
Name: Justin
Email: -REMOVED-
Subject: [No Subject]
Help me aliens im need help!

Date: 07-05-2012
Name: Naume Ellis
Email: -REMOVED-
Subject: heyy
Do u smoke weed, because i promise there is life on planets like plants and trees and flowers but never any aliens!!!!!!!!

Date: 06-26-2012
Name: Richie
Email: -REMOVED-
Subject: UFO
I (Richie) took this image at around 9 pm in Laconia New Hampshire. I do not think anyone else saw this it was gone relatively quickly; so i only got one picture. It looks like lightning and two small figures. The picture was taken through glass, but I do not think it was a reflection. It was cloudy and rained the day before, however I do not recall any lightning.

Date: 05-23-2012
Name: Eric Lang
Email: -REMOVED-
Subject: Reptilion night time visitation
Hello,My name is Eric Lang.This past friday night i had an encounter in my bedroom. Laying in my bed, getting ready for sleep, t.v. was on, laying on my side, looked over to the t.v. to point clicker, as i did one click and has i turned it was standing no more than 2 feet away from me!This reptillion being stared at me like I caught it by suprise. I went to hit this thing and it froze me. The last thing that I remember is it scaled face. There is more to tell. I need help with this!!!

Date: 05-19-2012
Name: Kanyon Castle
Email: -REMOVED-
Subject: War
Hello aliens I am from the plant earth if you attack our plant you will not stand a chance.

Date: 05-06-2012
Name: Allan Crow
Email: -REMOVED-
Subject: UFO Sightings
We have an ice arena in a remote Indian first nation between the cities of Fort Francis and Kenora ON. In the arena, the people report seeing lights of different colors flying around inside. They say the lights fly around excitedly when there is a noise in the arena, like when a door slams. In time, the elders in the community will probably do a ceremony on this; but they are interested in getting the scientific community to come in and have a look. You can contact me at the above if you are interested. Thank you, Allan Crow

Date: 03-06-2012
Name: Gary peak
Email: -REMOVED-
Subject: Close encounter
G-day I was parked on the side of Eyre highway in south Australia when I suddenly seen a very bright flash of light in my mirror which blinded me for a few seconds and when my sight returned I could see the most hideous looking alien being I have ever seen sitting in the back seat of my car so I quickly told my wife and instantly felt a very sharp pain in the back of my head and then I remembered thats where my smoking mother in law was sitting.

Date: 03-06-2012
Name: Brandon
Email: -REMOVED-
Subject: Aliens
Why cant we come in contact with you and I just want to meet one I no this is fake.

Date: 02-04-2012
Name: Keshav
Email: -REMOVED-
Subject: Aliens
I was walking on a race track when I saw an alien vehicle in the bushes it was ~%&

Date: 02-03-2012
Name: Dylan Chase Mears
Email: -REMOVED-
Subject: UFO
You are a bunch of hipocrites if you are going to say you have a alien and the next day you say you don't bitches.

Date: 01-30-2012
Name: Isabel
Email: -REMOVED-
Subject: [No Subject]
So are you going to kill the aliens?how old are you?I love the paranormal studies.

Date: 12-13-2011
Name: James Tom Lane
Email: -REMOVED-
Subject: I found a UFO
I found a UFO in Johnston, PA I put a beam of light of the highway and i shot at it with my shotgun and it went crashing in the field by my house I live t 16 creek ln Johnstown, PA 17038
Get here quick there's men coming out of it!!

Date: 10-24-2011
Name: Katelyn
Email: -REMOVED-
Subject: This is hate mail :P
Ya , So Me And My Friend Were Running away from an alien then he magiaclly was in front of us and he said "Unga Unga Unga" And We Were Like "Wtf trick" and then he killed my friend and ate her and her guts are still there .Then He Told Me "Oh Backa Bala !" I was Like "WTFFF" Then i hijacked his spaceship and here i am , about to land on Pluto :p OH FUDGE HES NEXT TO ME!!!!!!!!
Alien Talks : "Yana Yho Buka Chismc"
THE END ! :)
P.S. This was hate mail:)Put this on your site:)


There You go. Your little bit of fame in the world....

Date: 09-10-2011
Name: Rabbit
Email: Chelly@yahoo.com
Subject: Ugly
Im a rabbit and you are ugly.

Date: 06-14-2011
Name: Faith Bouley
Email: faithbouley@yahoo.com
Subject: Alien
I was in morgan city and we were outside and i looked at the bushes and i saw a reel live alien it was looking rite at me and i was so scared i think its still outside yes it is oh my god its walking twords me help me its still coming and looking it looks like it wants to kill me help!

Date: 04-28-2011
Name: No Name Given
Subject: ufoabduction
Do you have any reports of anyone beamed into a spacecraft bridge with a godzilla type and some beings almost the same as from the movie predators.


We do all the time from people like you...

Date: 03-29-2011
Name: Summer-Dawn
Email: hotmail.com
Subject: Little Guys
When I was growing up in my home town of seattle, washington I saw a little ball fall out of the sky. I picked it up and out came 3 or 4 little pink men. They talked to me in some weired language. I was still in shock when a huge (or huge to me as a kid) van rolled up right next to me a man took it from me and disappeared

Date: 02-02-2011
Name: Charlie
Email: charliehannaford@yahoo.co.u
Subject: Alian
i want to find out about if there is any fairys out there wich is fitt and have big titis

Date: 01-15-2011
Name: Nunya Bidnis
Email: Youwish@fantasyland.com
Subject: Fact
Yes, I just want to tell the moderator(s) of this site that you're an idiot. That is all.

Date: 11-23-2010
Name: dsjadk
Subject: Your site
It's a shame that such a good looking site with such potential is run by fuc*ing morons. If you dumbasses did just 10 minutes of research you'd see that half the pictures of aliens that you claim to be real are either displays or movie props. You're either fuc*ing idiots or you choose to deceive, but either way your site is sh*t. You could have pointed out which ones might be fake to educate people but you chose the low road instead, and for that you are fuc*ing scum.

Date: 06-14-2010
Name: Josh Smith
Subject: Alien Rap*
Hello, i had a significant ordeal regarding an alien lifeform. Well, this one time.. i was fishing in a lake. Little did i know there was an alien like species behind me with its probe device up my anal cavity. Obviously this took me by suprise, as i was shocked by the shere size of the probe. Anyway this is the first alien rap* encounter i have ever experienced. and now im pregnant.

Date: 04-29-2010
Name: Iron Jesus
Subject: Abduction and Probing
I was walking one night, after, 40 - 50 beers (personal record)when I saw a white light... only to find, it was my wife waiting for me (dumb bi**h), so i went outside to... do my buisness, when In saw another white light, and I told my wife to "go away"... then I relaised I was outside.... the next thing I know, I had some weird as alien dude on top of me (guess they like the dominant position) and he was probing me (don't know how women do it)... Everything went black, and then I wake up next to my wife, tells me i've gone crazy... but I know what I saw!

Date: 04-23-2010
Name: shut up
Subject: dude little alien
The little alien was out of his ship it was naked showin off it was gross so i blast it off with a pump-action shot gun the end the little prick!

Date: 02-22-2010
Name: Mrs. Taye
Subject: Aliens
i heard a knock at my door."knock,knock".i opened the door and all of a sudden i saw a alien and stated running.because of that day i went and got me a speker so every time somebody knocks on my door thay have to say there name.

Date: 12-13-2009
Name: Zonk
Subject: humans
i was told by my brother zing that the male species of the human race has two testeclons . is this true zonk

Date: 12-10-2009
Name: Fabion Racine
Subject: Alien in Paris
It was a night like any other, I watched the stars from my apartment balcony. As I sipped glorious wine and consumed soft creamy Cadbury's chocolate I heard a voice. It was almost like it spoke to me in my head, "Fabionnnnnn" It called. "Fabionnnnn we are here, give me some chocolate Fabion". I held out the milk tray over the edge of the railing, slowly a grey slimy hand, similar to one of a dwarf, but disgusting. It grabbed a chocolate, you know one of those heart shaped ones with a nut inside, yeah I like chocolate, i's really good. Anyway as I was saying, it stole the chocolate and then did a double flip over the balcony landing on my bed.

It was a small creature, but had a large member standing to attention that could make up for anything. It was clothed in a tight leather body suit of the colour green, and smoothe grey goo oozed from out of it. It propped itself up on one hand and looked into my eyes, " I want you now, right here on this bed Fabion" it whispered. What could I do? it was such an endearing creature, it's nature was one i couldn't resist. Luckily all of my clothes fasten with velcro,so I ripped then away in seconds revealing a juicy, while somewhat overweight body (there's not so much time for working out as one would wish these days. Two arms seemed to expand from out of nowhere and pull me onto the bed, I squealed with excitement, you see women didn't find me attractive, suprised? Yeah me too!

The arms of slimy texture cupped my buns in one swift motion and pulled me onto the bed.From there on it all gets a little bit too steamy for one to just give away, I don't kiss aliens and tell you see, many a man would sell this sort of gem to the papers, but not me sir! I am a man of principle! I do feel a little taken advantage of, i mean he/she/it left without so much as a contact number or email address, I'd really like to get back in touch you know? If you could track her down that would make my life worth living. I know this stories a little different but I just had to get it off my chest, tell the story. Thanks mates, i know you'll do you best for little old Fabion.

I know this stories a little different but I just had to get it off my chest, tell the story. Thanks mates, i know you'll do you best for little old Fabion.


Wow Velcro and true love in Paris! Good thing you had that chocolate!

Date: 11-19-2009
Name: Tyler White
Subject: [No Subject]
um hi alien if you are real you can come to my house if you want to your pal tyler

Date: 10-19-2009
Name: big gay
Subject: ahh alien
there is an alien in my backyard and it dug a tunnel.Im too scared too go and see whats down there Please Help me


You were wise to not chase after it. It may have been very

Date: 10-05-2009
Name: shaydon
Subject: ufo
at 5 oclock april 21st i see a big light in the sky then it went out and icoul see diferent coulored lights and a dark shadowwas in a round looking thing it waVED at me this is a true story trust me it was down the a180

Date: 09-02-2009
Name: Vasiliky E. Theodosopoulos
Subject: YOU
Would you like to see the two photos I have of a real racooned eye alien that is still alive that I am holding captive in my box? Its telepathic wave talks constant direct and sporadic 24/7. Yes in my political coat of arms. THOSE CROP CIRCLES ARE A BUNCH OF BAD GAS BUBBLES COMING OUT OF SOMEONE'S A**HOLE NOT MINE.

How is Jo Brown doing? What a bl*w job. Yah baby. better figure out that electrical technical snoop and where it is actually coming from real fast - I do not want your electrical problem OK - I have a bunch of hairy mcalisters bothering me. Sweet? What drink shot?

Love you too. It is not my airway although I am everyone's airway of throat hair. Now just what kind of lunatic would submit this http? That is about the dumbest question you have ever asked yourself. Janette

Date: 08-19-2009
Name: sally
Subject: hi
will you hurt us? we dont wont to hurt you

Date: 08-16-2009
Name: Maria
Subject: alien
I just want to know about aliens for I saw them on my vision long time ago and the latest is KRLL.


I know Krill! He has contacted me as well in my visions and sent me a picture. You can see it

Date: 08-13-2009
Subject: MAMONES (I looked this up for some reason and it really means something. Check it out)

Date: 08-11-2009
Name: marcos grando 11yrs
Subject: alien found in tree
At 8:10pm8/4/09 I looked outside and saw asmall aleienU.F.O in my tree.I tried to offer it some pizza,but it got startled and climbed up the tree fast and flew far,far away.Than from this day forward i've never seen it.


The pizza must have had anchovies on it, Aliens hate anchovies thats why it must have flown away and never came back.

Date: 08-10-2009
Name: jessica
Subject: [No Subject]
i see you to. i can see you watching me.. that 's all and yes i am ok do you make contact with any other planets??? let me know if you do i am getting bored and it is time for me to travel again. well talk to you later peace out.... jess

Date: 08-07-2009
Name: isaac
Subject: learn abuot alieans
i saw a ufo in new mexico in area 51 it landed on the ground and the door opened i saw creatures they had two big black eyes one big head no ears a skinny body skinny arms and legs three fingers on each hand two feet and toes and its whole body was broun its ufo was gray with three lights one was red one was blue and one was green it was scary i think it came from saturn.

Date: 07-08-2009
Name: cody
Subject: sightings
my friend and I were walking in a field and a little dog flew about three feet off the ground and to top that we were chased out of the field by a four foot tall purple alien! true story! I swear it

Date: 05-25-2009
Name: Andrea Blahova
Subject: story from London
Hi ufo,

I have a story at this agent:Bryan Drew LTD.Quadrand house,Mezzanine,80-82Regent Street,London underground:Piccadily circus.Lawyer wrote me that I have funds ,but I don't believe him.Men are bad from Afghanistan.They abuse women from countries.

I think that I will die at the age og 41.Invalid pension is low.I helped to one homeless Lady .She was out.I gave her money in Beckleyheath in London,but I didn't ask on her name.Miss Andrea Blahov?,Drnovice 640,68304,The Czech Republic.I am 172 centimetres tall.I was born in small town Vy?kov on the 10 of December.I don't like s*x.I have alergy.

Date: 05-21-2009
Name: Cupid Stunt <--Clever
Subject: Extremely close encounter
Now, Ive never beleved in alianns till last weekend, when friends and myself went out on a stag party. During the evening, I felt like a nap, as you do. Several hours later, I woke up, and there was all these flashing lights, and weird repetitive loud noises, that you would not believe, with thick steam or smoke everywhere. The smoke smelled of Margeretas.

I drifted off again, and woke up next morning in the gutter behind the local g*y club, with a sore behind, stripped nak*d. I've been talking with my friends and family, and searching the web.

The only thing I can believe is, that I've been abducted by aliens, and anally probed, with my clothes stolen by local adicts.

Where I woke up was behind the George pub in Dublin, Ireland. and the date was 15th May 2009

Anyone else had an encounter like this please contact me

Cupid Stunt

Date: 05-05-2009
Name: nathen wilson
Subject: beat up by alien then rap*d half to deaf
i was walking along the street when i was attaced from behind and bruterly rap*d by the alian fuc*ing scum that looks like the alain in the corner of the screen when i sore the alien i fort fuc*ing hell what the fu*k is that then the little fuc*ing sh*t hit me in the face as i fell to the floor the little basterd tryed to fu*k me in the arse so i terned round and punched him in the di*kand ran away

Date: 05-05-2009
Name: billy bob
Subject: hi joel (Hey how did Billy Bob Find My Name)
joel i am going to murder u i will cut u up into little fuc*ing pieces and put the little parts of your body into a blender then i will fuc*ing drink u and piss u out all over your grave u stupid4-eyed prick!

Date: 05-05-2009
Name: alien
Subject: alien
im a alien leave me the fu*k alone u p*rv*rts im sick of being fuc*ing harrased off u cock faces i will chop u into fuc*ing pieces and eat u raw if u keep writing shit about me i watch your wife everynight she is very sexy i would like to touch her ti*s and **** her so hard shes sick and blood comes out of her eye balls i will do that if u dont delete this website and then i will **** u up the shi*ter so hard u will never walk again i will rip your co*k off and fry it then make u eat it and i will punch your wifes face in until she dies so FU*K OFF and leave me alone love from alien xxx


Um, Aren't you the one harassing us?

Date: 05-05-2009
Name: afwan sanica
Subject: beemed up in a ufo
i was in the garden having a cigeret when it cameto my attention that i was been watch. so i had a look around in the garden when i looked up adn i seen it a fu*king big ufo when suddenly i got beemed up and was geting proded by them and they where talking in alien langudge then they started laughing at me so i got up of the table and hit one of them in the big fat alien eye then hit him in the head with pole i found in the room then a escaped from the space ship befor they could take me away to there home.

Date: 05-05-2009
Name: Adolf Hitler
Subject: alien holocoust
i found an alien in my back garden so i dragged it into my house and fu**ed him we dont anal and missionary then we done 69 after i poked the aliens eyes out with my d**k so he couldnt see then i chopped his balls off and made him eat them when my wife walked in i punched her and cut her tits off then made the alien wear them like they wear hats i then dragged the alien down to my basement and kept him there for years we had s*x everynight and i made him dress up like an old lady and i used to r**e him the end.

Date: 05-05-2009
Name: Joe King
i was walking home one night and a UFO landed infront of me the aliens got out and made me get inside when i got inside they started se*ua*ly assaulting me asking me to remove my clothes and said no but they wouldt take it so they ripped my clothes off and brutally r*p*d me up the bum hole i screamed for help but they gagged me with their d**k*s i then choked on it and was sick on him then i turned round and kicked the other alien in the balls and fisted him we had a orgy after that


Well I'm glad it worked out in the end.

Date: 05-05-2009
Name: david mcwildglock
Subject: seen alians in fiels no bull shit
i was with a friand walking in the woods and we seen a ufo in the sky as we wealked a long the ufo looked as so it was geting closer as we approched the field we seen the ufo land and then to aliens got out of the space ship we seen them and we think that they seen us as they screemed very loudly and then got back in the space ship and then they were gone we couldnt see the ufo ant more

Date: 04-28-2009
Name: vicky
Subject: siteings
Hi, I saw a UFO. It scared we have to death when I saw it beameing lights down into other people's homes. I didn't know what to think. 3 words, WHO ARE YOU!

Date: 04-27-2009
Name: Billy Container
Subject: ABDUCTION!!!!!!!!!!
One night when I was 17 years old in Hong Kong, China. It was Friday, October 13,1989. An alien came and abducted me, Billy Container, and then sucked out my brain!! The aliens exposed their names, but I am to frightened to write them. It was terribly painful and scary. It was "crazy as a run over dog!" Although this was many years ago, I still have nightmares, and they HAUNT ME!!! If you know anyone who can help me, please contact me!!!!!! HELP ME!!!!!!!! x[

Date: 04-24-2009
Name: Jon Pinsky
Subject: Re: E.T. Freind & Ass.
I aparently live a double life. The spaceship could be 3 & a half times the size of Earth & it may be controling the time & space continuim in a way that makes time skip back every few weeks as if it were a CD skipping. So is time messed up or is there a purpose for doing this? I think the craft is controling time for a reason. All will will be fine I'm confident. I never checked to see if there is a GS103 or GS104 star. Babbaton is a friend and would like me to formaly introduce his people to us. GS103 may be their star with neighbors at GS104. Babbaton is handsome with asian colored skin and maybe black hair. He leaves and apears with the flash of light. He carries a two way radio and his uniform mae be blue. I believe Babbaton is married to a woman with long black hair & they have children. Babbaton is probably about six feet tall & has hands about 20% largerr than ours. He speaks english & has a pleasant voice.. Don"t worry the introduction will happen. Exra-Terestrials do things which I refer to as by design. Babbatons people may be 700 Earth tech. years ahead & only 2 days away with their craft. The match should be perfect for all involved. The threat of attack by other worlds in order to take possession of Earth has come & gone. It was from 1987-1989 I wasn't breathing because your enemies knew they had to get rid of me first. My power kept me alive & I gave verbal commands from time to time. "In a few days I'm going to have to breath." And it would work but the aliens would just do their thing again so it resulted in my not having to breath. Finaly in Oct. or Nov. of 1989 I gave a final command. "The devils power is going to be permanently blocked from affecting anything." It worked!!! Generaly speaking all of this information is as I know it, especialy the time loops, so please lets keep that part hush hush. I promise I've been honest & true to what I think is acurate. One of the reasons I live a double life is because my level 2 self is a famous ghost writer for the Who & most of the other classic rock bands. Also television & movies. I know it sounds unlikely. I've been waiting for a green light. Sometimes lifes hard. Just like a dad promising his son a brand new red bicycle for Christmas I promise you Joel Babbatons' people are already looking forward to becoming our freinds & family for good. Sincerely, Jon Pinsky

Date: 04-15-2009
Name: coleman
Subject: AHHHHH!!!!!!
ALIENS ARE REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!


Thank you for your statement.

Date: 03-28-2009
Name: Josiah Kelly
Subject: aliens
i saw an alien in my garden around a week ago. It was at the bottom of my garden, it was dark but clear to see. It was tall and had big black holes for eyes. I stood in fear and then it noticed me but i ran inside my house and locked all the windows and doors.

Date: 03-25-2009
Name: Josiah Kelly
Subject: i-saw-an-alein
im 14 years old and It was dark outside and i was heading down to the barn to check on the goats. i looked through the peer hole and saw the outline of what appeared to be an alein. it was about two feet from my face yet i could not see it well for the darkness. it looked kinda like a standing, deformed, goat. BUT it was not a goat! as everyone tells me...

Date: 03-29-2009
Name: Jonathan R. Pinsky
Subject: E.T. Frein & AsociateB
Babbaton has a thick accent and speaks perfect english. He's caring & loving. He's slim and has perfect teath. Once he mentioned an "animal" I said "Oh you mean the cat, Budgy." Budgy I think liked Babbaton & enjoyed being held, spoken to & petted by him while he sat on the carpet as he normaly does. San diego CA

Date: 03-29-2009
Name: Jonathan R. Pinsky
Subject: E.T. Frein & AsociateB
Babbatons people are looking forward to an introduction of our worlds. I believe Babbaton is married with children. Babbaton basicaly looks only E.Tish in his larger hands. His skin brown & he is tallish like around 6ft. It takes, if I'm rite, two days to get here with their people being 700 teck. years ahead.He may wear a blue uniform & funny for thought may holster cool looking Ray gun type. weapon & two way radio, but may listen through tiny ear piece with spiral antanna.

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