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Real UFO Video In Mexico- Hovering Perfectly Must See

Runtime: 36 sec
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A perfectly Clear view of a UFO hovering in Mexico. Some have gone and called this a fake, but have brought no real proof to the table, in fact they seem to have less proof that it's fake, then we do that it's real.

UFO Video From China Short But Sweet

Runtime: 18 sec
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A short Real UFO Video clip from China in 2006. There's not much to the video and were not sure at this time where in China the clip was taken, but according to experts it's a real UFO Video.

UFO Studied by Belgium Military

Runtime: 2 min 0 sec
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After many sightings in and around Belgium, the Government decided it was time to take action and figure out if these UFOs were a possible threat. This is just one of the many UFO videos the Belgium Government has in their possession.

The Battle of LA- Very Real UFO Video

Runtime: 2 min 31 sec
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An event that made headlines across the United States and the world. The US Military fired over 1500 rounds of anti-aircraft shrapnel at a UFO at 2:00 am in 1942 for around an hour to an hour and a half without bringing down the object. Later declaring it a weather balloon. Somehow I think the military should be able to take down a balloon with over 1500 rounds, obviously a Government cover up. Check out the full story.

Dozens of UFOs in The Skys of Mexico- Pelcula Mexico 2006

Runtime: 5 min 5 sec
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The Mexican Government is a lot more open than the US and UK. They realize many documents claiming the existence of Aliens visiting our planet. Here is another good UFO Video of what appears to be over a dozen UFO's scattered across the sky and one close one.

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