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News Video of more than 40 UFO's above Mexico- Confirmed by the Mexican Government

Runtime: 1 min 6 sec
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As bad as this video is, the Mexican Government scrambled jets to see what this was all about and confirmed that they were indeed from another world. The US then went to Mexico and said it was nothing but swamp gas??? This made many national and worldwide newspapers and was very controversial until it just disappeared one day.

UFO Video From Inside a Plane

Runtime: 2 min 13 sec
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An extremely unclear UFO video. There's not much to say about this video other than the people with the camera seem genuinely concerned, but as for the video it's hard to say what it could be.

Video of a UFO Possibly Docking with Mother Ship

Runtime: 51 sec
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This is a very strange video of lights in the sky in Arizona. It seems like there is one main light and others around it then you see a light come and stop in perfect order as the other lights possibly another ship docking.

Video of a UFO In NYC By The World Trade Center

Runtime: 30 sec
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There is no known story about this film other than it was picked up by the Syfy network and then soon disappeared from their database. It really is a pretty good example of a UFO and how they don't really seem to care anymore if they are seen. The only question we have is why is there smoke coming out of the back of a UFO? Or maybe this is just smoke being blown from the helicopter the people filming the UFO are in.

UFO Suddenly Takes Off In Miami

Runtime: 30 sec
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As lookers by stand and watch a UFO hover right in front of them they are even more surprised when it takes off so fast it almost looks like the saucer shaped ship implodes into itself.

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