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UFO Pictures Page 2

UFO Crash Pictures- Russia 1969

UFO crash
UFO crash UFO crash UFO crash

These amazing UFO pictures show Russian agents around a UFO that crashed in Yekatrinburg, which is now called Sverdlovsky in Russia. There was also one alien in the craft when they entered the UFO, unfortunately the alien had not survived the crash and had an autopsy done on it.

You can see the full story with video here.

Three UFO's Over the Air Force- Italy 1945

UFO above Air Force

In this picture taken from the ground as an Italian air force troop flies by you can see three very peculiar lights far into the heavens. They were proven not to be stars or dust on the camera and were taken very seriously with the defence department.

Triangular Shaped UFO PIC- Ohio 1985

UFO Picture

This was sent in by someone and all they said was it was from Ohio so that's all the information we have on this picture as of right now. If you zoom in on the Picture of the UFO you will notice its strange Triangular shape and bubble at the top.

UFO Picture- Mexico Aug 6 1996

UFO In Mexico

This is a great shot taken from a video in Mexico in 1996 hovering over a city. It seems to be the traditional saucer shaped UFO that the aliens use to study Earth.

UFO Picture- North Carolina


What an amazingly different looking UFO picture taken by some unsuspecting hikers in North Carolina in the USA. Its strange body type really makes us wonder if this is the same type of alien being that frequents our planet with a new space ship design or some other being from yet another planet...

Flying UFO Picture

UFO Picture

A perfect UFO picture from an unknown source flying through the air with ease. How could anyone not believe in UFO's with photos like these?

Old UFO Picture- Oregon 1950

UFO Picture From Oregon

The older the better when it comes to unidentified flying objects, This one is from 1950 in Oregon and you can clearly make out a UFO in the sky. Pictures like these are great because they didn't have editing software like we do today.

UFO Above Power Lines


This UFO almost looks like it's a frisby attached to the power lines but with a closer examination we realized that the picture looks like a real UFO driven by real Aliens.

NASA Catches UFO on Film

NASA UFO in Space NASA UFO in Space NASA UFO in Space NASA UFO in Space

All five of these pictures are from a couple of the Apollo missions 14-16. As you can see there are lights in the far sky, clearly not just dust on the lens, but UFOs in the distance. Also, you see the clear shot of a flying saucer type UFO taken out of one of the windows of the shuttle. The astronauts already probably new about their existence and there for don't really think of it as a big deal.

UFO Sighting-1963 New Mexico

UFO in New Mexico

Taken with an old black and white camera in 1963, you can see above the trees why these people were so excited. It's a perfect disk shaped unidentified flying object not far above the tree line.

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