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Are there Aliens on Ceres?
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Are There Aliens on Ceres? Are the Lights a Base or a UFO Jump off Point

June, 15 2015

The first pictures of the dwarf planet Ceres have come in from NASA's space probe Dawn and it seems there's more to this little planet than NASA expected. There are unnatural lights coming from the planet and scientists are puzzled as to why.

Ceres is a dwarf planet that has a diameter of only around 590 miles across making it smaller than one third the size of the Earths moon. (See buildings on our moon) It lies between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, is thought to be made of ice and rock and is covered in craters making it possible for life to survive on if it has a molten core like Earth.

Dawn is a NASA probe that was launched in September of 2007 to explore both Vesta and Ceres. It is now in orbit of Ceres after visiting Vesta and sending back some amazing footage with extraordinary possibilities.

According to scientists the lights are the first that they have ever seen on any planet or comet. Many think that the small planet, about the size of the death star in the famous Star Wars movies, might actually be something similar.

"Judging by the the way the lights are only in one spot and not spread around the planet it is unlikely that the planet has many alien bases across it, but rather there may be a single UFO port in the crater and a base built into the planet," says our UFO expert.

Picture a huge doorway with an airlock that leads directly into the hollowed out planet. With a warm core, ice for water and the light atmosphere; it is a perfect place for a large base of operations for any carbon based life-form. Large UFOs could come and go as they pleased without much notice from us because of the great distance between Earth and Ceres, and it could also be used as a type of mother ship for smaller UFOs that can't travel great distances in space.

As we've never been this close to Ceres before all of this is conjecture of course, but the dwarf would make a tremendous strategic spot for aliens to hide out and observe us in our solar system.

Here are some of the latest images from NASA of the Ceres lights. We will update this page as NASA goes into lower orbit and more data is available. Tell us what you think they are in the comments below.

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