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ISS Films UFO Turning in Space
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ISS Films UFO Turning in Space

December, 15 2014

ISS UFO Turning

The International Space Station (ISS) has a live feed the broadcasts 24 hours a day. The feed is available to anyone that wants to watch it. We even have a feed of it here along with an ISS tracker so you know if it's above you or wherever it is around the planet. Thanks to the thousands of people that watch the ISS Cam all day and all night we were able to get this amazing footage.

On November 29th, 2014 the International Space Station's camera caught this footage of a UFO flying past it. That in itself isn't that remarkable because of all the space junk out there, but this one was different. Just as the unidentified flying object enters the middle of the camera view it suddenly makes a perfect 90 degree turn and takes of at around three times its original speed and out of camera sight.

The object first appears at the 8 second mark on the right side of the screen and proceeds to fly left. It then suddenly makes a 90 degree turn upwards and a velocity until it is out of sight.

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