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Grey Alien Picture
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Hikers Take Picture of Grey Alien in Bulgaria

November, 11 2013

Grey Alien Bulgaria

A group of hikers in Bulgaria have captured a picture of what appears to be a grey type alien extraterrestrial.

While hiking in Yundola, Bulgaria one of the people in the group noticed something up ahead and snapped a picture of it before it disappeared. After looking at the picture, he realized that it was some kind of humanoid creature.

Yundola is known for its clean air and temperate climate, which makes it a great hiking location.

Both the image and the humanoid in the photo cannot be authenticated.

Grey Alien Bulgaria
Original Picture

Grey Alien Bulgaria
Zoomed X-1

Grey Alien Bulgaria
Zoomed X-2

Grey Alien Bulgaria
Zoomed X-3

Grey Alien Bulgaria

Location of the Incident

View Larger Map

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