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Aliens and UFO's in Ancient History Page Three

UFO's in Crucifixion Painting- 17th century

UFO's in Crucifixion Painting UFO's in Crucifixion Painting UFO's in Crucifixion Painting

A Fresco (which is a painting done on a ceiling or wall) in the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral in Mtskheta clearly shows in the background of this painting of the crucifixion two flying saucer like objects and if you zoom in you can see faces in the images. Very strange....

Dutch Ships Spot UFO- Painting 1660

Dutch UFO Sighting Painting

From the works of Admiral Blaeu in the literature "Theatrum Orbis Terrarum" This painting shows an encounter that happened when two Dutch ships sighted two disk shaped objects in the sky while traveling over the sea.

Ancient Inca UFO Sculptures

UFO Sculptures

Sculptures from the ancient Incas, who were much more advanced than other similar civilizations of their time and location, of two flying saucers. No doubt the Incas were in close contact with aliens if you look at there mathematics and especially their astronomical charts and calendars which followed much more than just the moon and/or sun.

Artwork of Two Aliens

Painting of Two Aliens

Unknown Artist or location- This is a wonderful image of two aliens in ancient times proving their existence among the human race at the time.

Aliens and There Hybrid Babies

Hybrid Alien Babies

In this Sculpture you can see what just may be the aliens attempt at making alien human hybrids. In the arms of these large headed beings are small babies that resemble a mix between the human race and an alien race.

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