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Alien Videos Page 2

Video of Alien in Bushes in Australia

Alien in Australia
Runtime: 30 sec
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This is an alien video that was submitted to us from the Scrub Cliffs Hallet Cove, Australia taken at around 1:30am. The alien was hiding behind the bush and had obviously seen or heard the people coming in the distance, but when they put the flashlight on it, it got spooked and looked up.

Captured Gray Alien Caught on tape

Real Grey Alien Caught on Tape
Runtime: 38 sec
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This is an amazing alien video because we get to see a gray up close and we get to hear what an alien sounds like. This alien had been captured by a group of people and held captive tied to a chair. The people behind the alien video have not come forward to any Government and the alien is presumed dead.

Russian Alien Autopsy Video - KGB

Russian Alien Autopsy
Runtime: 2 min 57 sec
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This alien autopsy video is considered to be from the famous Russian UFO Crash of 1969. You can clearly hear the doctors performing the autopsy say that they have never seen such bodyparts in certain cavities making this leaked alien video to be quite curious. The disk that had crashed in Russia seemed to be about the perfect size to house two aliens, which is what they have here.

Alien Video From Mexico Scarry

Real Alien in Mexico
Runtime: 1 min 08 sec
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This is a famous real alien video from Mexico that scared the heck out of us at first. You can see how scared the people in the video are of the creature that was, at the time, considered to be the Mexican chupacabra. After further investigation, it was deemed to most likely be an alien on Earth. Which makes us think that all the chupacabra sightings may have simply been aliens.

Real Alien Caught on Video Camera in Window

Alien in Window
Runtime: 2 min 22 sec
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This is the alien video that was released by Jeff Peckman. Mr. Peckman was from Denver, CO and was having trouble with peeping toms and other people in his yard so he decided to set up a camera in his home looking outside in hopes to get a shot of the criminal so he could give the video to the police. When he heard someone outside he let the video roll as he checked it out and to his surprise instead of a punk kid or some creepy guy he ended up with an alien on video!

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