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Alien Hybrids

Alien Hybrids and Humanoids

Girl Alien Hybrid

The hybrids are not really aliens but a mixed breed between the greys and humans. They came about when the greys started doing gene DNA manipulation many years ago starting in at least biblical times supposedly to replenish their own thinning gene pool after centuries of over cloning.

Another theory as to why the grays started cloning is more cynical, being that they started to place the alien hybrids into Earths society to help them overthrow the Government and take over from the inside rather then a full fledged attack. Some even speculate that many of the alien hybrids on Earth donít know that they are of mixed nature and are like terrorist cells that can, and will be activated when the time is right for the master alien races (The greys and the reptilians).

What do Hybrid Aliens Look Like-Hybrid Pictures

Hybrid Alien Baby Alien Hybrid Hybrid Alien Alien Hybrid Children

Alien hybrids have different looks depending on how their DNA was mixed by the grays and for what purpose they are being used for. These are the possible known alien hybrids from abduction accounts from around the world.

Alien Hybrid Worker Slaves

These hybrids can be small as like between four and six feet or larger then seven depending on what they are going to be used for. As with the height they can also be breed larger in width and more muscular when need be. Their intelligence is also the lowest of the alien hybrids although they still communicate through telepathic means so they can be controlled easier.

Grey Alien Hybrids

Other alien hybrids are much smarter and their DNA is almost identical to the greys. They live among them (although considered a lower class) and are used to help mix up the DNA as well as do menial tasks such as navigate, tend to food and prisoners, as well as do other more important tasks that the true grays do as well.

Hybrid Humanoid Aliens

The last of the alien hybrids are the most humanoid of the three. They are the ones that are here on Earth and pose as humans. They are possibly everywhere and it can be impossible to tell them apart without DNA testing, and even then the grays do a great job of hiding the differences. They may be presidents, teachers, kings, the working class, or really anyone in power or not. They have been said to be put here for numerous reasons from research on humans and other life on Earth to control and the slow take over of the planet.

Some of the humanoid mixed breeds donít even know that they are a mixed alien breed and are being controlled without their knowledge. You can think of them as terrorist cells that will be activated when the time is right for invasion, the new world order, and the take over of Earth and itís people.

Hybrid Alien Invasion

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