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Alien Abduction in Wyandotte Michigan
Home - User Submitted Encounters

Alien Abduction in Wyandotte Michigan

Date Submitted: 06/24/2015

Visiter: Bill F.

Message: In about 1977 I was living on Wyandotte Michigan south of Detroit. I work the afternoon shift at a place called Whitehead and Cales. My friend Tommy, now gone worked at McClouth steel I would drop him off and pick him up as he had no car or license. I promised him to never repeat this while he was alive.

We would buy a six pack of beer and drive home each drinking 3 and complain about what jerks the world was full of. We were on an unpaved road in the country when Tommy pointed and said, "I think that is some new kind of airplane". I was driving and slowed down to see the thing. I appeared to be a flying wing off in the distance.

Within a split second and I mean a split second it was directly above us. I had already stopped and I got out of the car to see what it was, at that point I thought that the Air Force had some weird new plane.

Tommy was crying and naked, I was in the bushes a 1/4 mile away. I came back to my car and questioned Tommy about his clothes, he just kept crying. Since I was a welder I had set of large overalls in the trunk which I gave to Tommy. I was confused, but I was worried about Tommy more than any thing else. He asked to stay at my house that night and we went home.

Tommy kept me up all night crying and wanting to sleep in my bed. But Tommy and I were not men to be trifled with as we both grew up on the streets. He described that he had been taken with me aboard something and were paralyzed. I thought, but could not remember. Then, stuff started to bother men. Like the six pack, four left were warm. I was almost out of gas in my car when I had nearly a 1/2 tank. We got home at 4:00 am when we should have been there at 1:00 am.

Then I moved to California. Tommy called me as friends do several times a year. I told him I remembered being frozen and carried up in the air. The told me that the beings told Tommy he was just there because he was with me and that I had been with them before. As of today I remember 1958 in Lake Lansing Michigan, twice in Langsburg Michigan and with Tommy.

I have been told to be regressed to find the truth, but I find the thought of that unbearable. Not much of a story I admit, but a true one. I am a faithful believer in God so .... One more thing, I have never seen a picture that imitates their appearance. Tommy told me they told him that they were wearing clothes "Just like a Doctor in a hospital". As for conversation, I recall being told to relax, but I don't know who or what told me that.

Best regards, Bill F.

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