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UFO Spotted in Innerkip, Ontario

Home -- Submitted Alien and UFO Encounters

White Streak Across the Sky Became a UFO

Date Submitted: 03/17/2011

Visitor: Anthony Walker

So I stood there (never once thinking to go and get my camera) A white streak of light came flying over the houses opposite and burst in the sky like some sort of fire work.

This then formed into a white disc and it sort of doubled up then formed back into a disc like you would if you was stretching your muscles on getting out of bed. The white disc had a black edge around it and the stretching/gurning episode made it look kind of sinister.

The white disc just sort of floated around aimlessly for a while then the two objects joined up in formation and flew very slowly away. They eventually turned into two red dots in the sky and vanished.

As the two objects vanished my wife came out of the bed room(she had been asleep) and said she had a disturbing dream. She said she had been dreaming that a tulip ( very much the shape of the ufo first sighted) was flying around the bed room and there was a group of small children staring through the window watching her.

About 4-6 weeks prior to this weird event a had a sighting in roughly the same area of sky of a cigar shaped ufo stood on end at a angle with tendrils of light lighting up the clouds around it. Hope this of some interest/use to you.

This happened in Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England at around 12.30am. Sorry but can not remember the date but it was in november after bonfire night (5th) as when the second object streaked into view and sort of exploded my first thought was that some one else had seen the first object and fired a firework (rocket) at it. As it was on a saturday night/sunday morning and after nov5th it must have been the latter half of the month so can be narrowed down to a couple of dates but i do not have last years calander!

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