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Weird Looking Craft Over the Horizon

Weird Looking Craft Over the Horizon

Date Submitted: 04/27/2010

Visitor: Raymond Bert

Message: One springtime night in early april in 1974,myself and 3 freinds in my freinds car listening to the 8 track stereo and drinking a beer and imbibing mother nature.

All of a sudden we see like some sort of helicopter with all different lights circling around it, we all comment about the military base located about 40 south of us,i said what a weird looking craft in the night horizon to the west of us,then slowly it drifted off to the south,maybe it was a half a mile behind us ,we were facing the east,in the middle of this young wheat field,on a dirt road.

All of a sudden from the southwest corner of the wheatfield a tremedous blinding light fills the car interior as to where i look to my companions i could not even see their faces, there was also this erie,forboding silence for about 30 seconds and all of a sudden the light dissapeared and everything went back to normal,we all were speechless and started the car and turned the headlights on towards the light at the southwest corner of the field and there was nothing there, we thought maybe hunters, but not,we all saw what we saw and will take that wonderous story with us to our graves...........

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