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Visiting Aliens Chandigarh India
Home - User Submitted Encounters

Visiting Aliens Chandigarh India

Date Submitted: 06/12/2014

Visitor: Ananya Rai


This is the thing which even my parents donít know .Hope you enjoy and believe this!c

When I was small and lived with my grandparents I had some magical creatures near my window. I used to talk with them and believed them to be my friends. They used to help me in times of need. At starting I used to get freighted by their ugly faces but slowly adapted to their physical appearance. I used share all my secrets with them. I donít know why but I used to enjoy their presence.

One such day they became angry with meí however i donít remember the reasoní. And in the morning when I woke up something very strange happened, there was a breaking NEWS everywhere ĎUFOís spotted over many places in Indiaí. And of course one of them was Chandigarh the place I was staying In As I was getting late for the school I hurried but that whole day I only daydreamed about that were they alien or not I remember all this because that was one of the worst days of my life I was punished for wearing the white socks instead of grey one and not listening to any question asked by my teachers.

After that UFO sighting many peoples came up with rumors that they have saw the aliens themselves [ I later understood that there are some peoples who build up their on rumor to make themselves more popular ,but at least I wasnít or am one of them ] .As I grew up in the midst of all the studies I forgot all that happened to me years ago[Ok! Years ago doesnít mean100 years ago it means 2 to 3 years ago only. But this wasnít the end to my story ,in my last visit to Chandigarh I saw them again they looked very old and feeble they just asked me that I donít have any problem staying up here , I simply said no and they went off.

This isnít the story I am spinning to make me popular. Cause the same characters which appeared to me when I was of around 8 canít reappear now. I admit it myself that believing in aliens and world like one of harry potter is almost all the same and is labeled as superstition even I am against all these ,but what all was that then ? An imagination, a vision or reality. I am still in search of this thing.

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