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Very Large UFO Sighting In California-Possible MotherShip

Very Large UFO Sighting In California-Possible MotherShip

Date Submitted: 05/09/2010

Visitor: Andrew J.

Message: Well i was outside opening my computer to change my video card it was about 8 it was febuary not daylight savings me and my dog were sitting there it was dark and i looked up and i saw the moon but it was really bright and big then i found the moon at the other side of the sky.

It was so bright and it moved so fast but it moved slowly when i saw it it ony took 10 secondeds to move from the left to the right of the side of the sky and it disappeared it was huge and made a slightly loud buzzing sound not like a blimps but like a microwave oven it was in fontana,california,USA also now my tip of my ring finger twitches like radiation it some how affecting it im terribly horrified to even walk out at night...

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