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UFO Sighting In Connecticut

UFO Sighting In Connecticut

Visitor: Roch Royer

Message: Hello, I would like to know when did the webcam was taken of the UFO over Hartford Conn. in 1997?
I think I saw the same thing on July 16, 1997. Here is what I saw; I was driving from Hartford toward Springfield, Mass. on interstate 91 at approximatly 11:00 PM when my wife and I first spotted a cluster of lights in the sky about a couple of miles ahead of us. We first thought it was a helicopter of some kind with many lights but as we were appoaching the sighting, it was heading slowly toward the South-West and could not make a description of it but was definetly not a helicopter. As we were trying to understand what we had just witnessed, we spotted another one on our North-East following the first. This time we were much closer as we kept on driving. As it got closer we knew that this was something we had never seen in our lives. We were so in awe that we drove right under it.

It must have been about 400 to 500 feet over us. It was triangular shaped with 6 big round bright white lights in a V shape. There was a smaller white light at the front with 3 small wihte blinking lights and a small pulsating red light in the midlle of the craft. It made no noise, as our windows were pulled down because it was a hot and muggy night. It was not going very fast. We could not make out the dark craft itself as the 6 lights were overshadowing the structure. Ounce it had past over our car, we pulled over and looked at it until we lost sight of it.

We were at approximatly at Hayden, Connecticut near Bradley International Airport when this happenned. There were other cars on the highway who also witnessed these crafts. Thank you ever so much for your time!

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