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Bright Light, Abduction and Strange Markings

Bright Light, Abduction and Strange Markings

Visitor: Jess

Message: I have another story I'd like to tell.

A couple years ago, my grandma told me that I had a distant cousin that she talked to a couple times a year. I don't know him, but my grandma told me about an experience this cousin had had.

What I've been told, is that he was driving down the stretch of highway between Prince George, BC, Canada, and Vanderhoof, BC, Canada. As he was driving, he was looking through his windshield and seen a green light in the sky a ways off in front of him. As he was driving, the green light seemed to get closer and closer to him, and then the last thing my grandma said he remembers, was seeing a big flash of green light. Apparently, he had woken up about 3 hours after that, OUTSIDE OF HIS CAR, on the side of the road. He had no memory of the time in between, and my grandma said he felt like he had a time gap in which he didn't remember. He had the slightest memories of some really weird stuff, but not enough to be able to say what they were.

I don't know when he had discovered it, but my grandma said he had a weird mark of something on his back, like a symbol. He had no idea where it had come from or what it was. So he went to the doctor about 3 days after his weird experience, and the doctor didnt believe what my cousin had told him, even though there was proof right there on his back, that something had DEFINITELY happened. My grandma had claimed she'd seen it once, but I never have. To this day, it still freaks me out because thats not the only UFO "abduction" story I have heard since then.

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