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UFO Spotted in Innerkip, Ontario

Home -- Submitted Alien and UFO Encounters

UFO Witnessed in Innerkip, Ontario 2011

Date Submitted: 03/16/2011

Visitor: Cody P

Hello, my name is Cody P and the following story occured on the night of Monday March 14,2011 over the small town of Innerkip,Ontario.

Unusually for me I was in bed around ten thirty. As my eyes were closed and I was dosing off i was awakened by a strange sound that kept getting louder. As I opened my eyes and sat up I began to start feeling "pulsing vibrations". It felt as if my house was vibrating in an on-off pattern. This noise was eventually so loud it would be much louder than a tv would be if there were one in the room.

I too began to feel the vibrations through my body which raised my curiousity. At this point it felt and sounded as if something was DIRECTLY above my house. As I stood up to look out the window the noise and vibrations dropped drastically and I could slowly see it flying away, North, over Innerkip.

It was hard to see because of the darkness but it seemed dark in colour and had RED lights on it. More than 2, along the bottom. It also seemed to fly much lower than any planes i had seen in the area. In most situations i would think it is just me being paranoid but my friend who I was texting at the time only a few blocks away, Andy, texted me stating he both felt the vibrations and that some things in his home were shaking slightly.

He said when he felt and heard it he went outside and too saw the red lights, flying low, but said it had a cross structure similar to a plane but had a wider "body" with multiple lights along it. I have not yet spoken with another person besides Andy who experienced this also.

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