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UFO Spotted in Sky by Mount Macedon Australia

UFO Spotted in Sky by Mount Macedon Australia

Date Submitted: 06/04/2010

Visitor: Unknownozwitness(fgsl)

Message: #location = Australia / Victoria/ Mount Macedon (about 50 mins from Melbourne... #time = 2006 about April at around 4:30am ... seen by myself and two others while camping...

I saw from a position of roughly 50 degrees right of the "pot and saucer,star group" a bright flying object just bigger than a star, that at time was moving in a rightwards direction of the group of stars mentioned... it then changed directions what i thought 5-6 noticable times and each time it changed direction the ufo glowed brighter for a fraction of a second.as well as when it increased speed here and there as it flew.. it came towards our direction briefly as it became a lot bigger and brighter in the sky to a point where i thought it was coming to us, but it changed direction angled right + upwards.

After about 2 minutes of what looked like flying within the earth and momentarily in a direction towards us.(each time glowing as bright as the welding rod brightness, or magnesium ribbon burning light)... I watched this object grow from a star size object far away glowing very bright for a second as it changed direction towards us.Get brighter and bigger, before changing directions towards the right and up out of the earth and into space heading towards a patch of stars i remember that is almost 180 degrees clockwise of our "pot and saucer star group" which was about 60 degrees upwards ..(when u look up thats 90 degrees and forward is starting point).. this was watched for maybe 7 minutes, i watched it appear to fly ypwards out of the earths area and into space, flying right about 120 degrees from "pot n saucer" before heading out to space towards a group of stars i don't know the name of but can visually remember when looking at the sky each night :)

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