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t-UFO Sighting in NY

UFO Sighting in NY

Visitor: Maria Cromwell

Message: People still to this day do not belive me.

I live just past PineBush NY, I'm a cake decor, and was on my way to work about 430 in the morning. I was on a back road when i saw a bright light in the sky. It was just sitting there, i stoped in the middle of the road, it came closer, but there was no sound.A car was coming the oposite way. All of a sudden the light moved back and up into the sky. In the matter of mins it was gone. I know it was a ufo, the thing did not make any kind of noise.

To this day i will never forget that feeling in the pitt of my stomach. I did some research, the thing did not have colored lights, but i could not tell that shape it was. Realy weird, i will never forget what i saw.

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