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Culpeper, VA June UFO Sighting

culpeper, VA June UFO Sighting

Date Submitted: 06/30/2010

Visitor: Tim

Message: Hi , I'm Tim in Culpeper county,VA found your web site after googling "lights,sky Luray,VA" So I'm outside with the dogs at 10:30 and notice this unusual light.

Now we live out in the country with a nice ,dark sky with a great view of the blue ridge about 17 miles away,no/little light pollution.This light seemed to be moving slightly. Up and down,side to side, almost quivering.I spent about 10 minutes trying to determine what it was but with my 50 year old eyes I couldn't tell. So I got my 21 year old son and my zoom binoculars and with them realized that it was actually 3 lights . So I got my 24 year old daughter out of bed and she came out with her 10X optical/40X digital zoom camera and started taking pictures and movies.Now the weird thing, we are in the flight path for Dulles and planes go by frequently.

So a plane enters from the distance and this light goes out...gone!4 or 5 minutes later , after the plane is gone, it pops back on,it's back! Just as if somebody turned the light switch off. This happened 4 times!All of us also saw tiny lights that seemed to come out of this main light , fly away and return to it.It was still visible and hour later when we quit watching.

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