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UFO Sighting Over Lake Superior

UFO Sighting Over Lake Superior

Date Submitted: 03/07/2010

Visitor: Judkins

Message: Living on lake superiour i new that paranormal were drawn to the area. One night while driving down the highway me and three others looked over the lake and saw a bright light. Like a headlight, shining down along the coast almost scanning the ground.

As we watched the giant plane moved slowly over the highway comming to a stop directly above the road. It was was still pretty high in the air. All four of us were very confused we kept watching it and just like that, it shot over the tree line to were i couldn't see it anymore. From a dead stop i have never seen anything move so fast. Later that night i saw another two very similar lights very high above the lake. It was almost as if they dissolved in the air as they vanished.

This is my true account that i witnessed at midnight outside of Duluth Minnesota.

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