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UFO Sighting Spring Creek JCT

UFO Sighting Spring Creek JCT

Visitor: Frank Kills In Water

Message: In june in the summer of 1994 around 9pm my mother returned home from an outing excited saying "come kids get in the car we seen lights in the sky by spring creek jct. lets go see if they're still there!"

We live in St.. francis south dakota so I and my mom and three younger siblings head south of town about 3-4 miles south we came to the top of a hill and thats when we seen "it". We pulled over to the side of the road where we seen a large dome shaped object with 20-25 lights on the bottom. The object was less than 1/4 mile from we were parked. We watched it for about 10-15 minutes and than the lights started changing colors and rotating. There was a road 100 yards directly north of the object that was at tree top level.

I wanted my mom to go to that road so we could get a closer look at this thing but as backed out to head over there my younger sibligs started to freak out and cry saying"no mom dont go over there its going to take us its going to take us !" So we headed for town but i watched the object out of the back window of the car till it was out of sight so how much longer it was there i have nop idea . And a twist to the story is that there was house in the trees almost directly under the craft but i have spoken to the people that live so they may have had an expirence i dont know. thats my story it was real and it happened they are out there.contact me via phone 605-208-5779 is my number if you want hear from the horses mouth thanks

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