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UFO Sighting Over Chateauguay Quebec

UFO Sighting Over Chateauguay Quebec

Date Submitted: 08/26/2009

Visitor: Jean Lachapelle

years ago in canada quebec in camping trip with scouts from chateauguay michel rufiange was the scout leader it was way mutch further than valleyfield where ???st-anicet near a church in the woods in the back in daylight 6 pm an object stood still in the sky verry near enough for all of us to see and the ship was more like a cruise boat than a plane and it had like a tower of windows black but we could see there was persons behind these glass but we could not see in detail but they where human shape and under the ship was millions and millions of holes wich also was around the ship that seem to use the energy to propulsion out from these holes more like a boat on water and they stay still in the air than went in incredible speed from different area or point and back again and than stay still more minutes and left in a verry incredible fast way.

The ship was big but had like two small wings on each side more round shape and not like planes just the tower was like verry long and seem on the left side and the shape was more like a cruise boat ,they where on a trip like a vacancy boat verry strange but true and a bird fall on the floor and was still alive but could not fly i took it in my tent and in the morning he was flying again and i open the zipper of the tent and he was off but more strangely all that night was full of noise in the woods and we could ear tree braking and leafs mooving and the grass beeing step on but in a noise that animal could do but it was allover the place kids where scared and i could never explain what really happend and who would believe it ???

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