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Triangle UFO Sighting In Fremont California

Triangle UFO Sighting In Fremont California

Visitor: lee

Message: It all happened in Fremont California at a near by park called "Blacow". Me and my friend were walking around about 11:30 at night going home from another friends house. we decided to sit at a bench to take a rest. A minute passes and I see a bright object way in the distance that looked like it might be a plane, but from the direction it was shining it did not look right since most of the planes come from over a mountain called " mission peak" all the time.

As this big ball of light sits in the sky for about 5 minutes me and my friend are perplexed on to why it hasn't made any movement. Then all of the sudden the light turns off as "if" it moved to the right. seconds later something triangular with 3 pale red lights are above us moving hella slow. And I swear it looked like it was rotating or morphing. the sound was like a jet airplanes engine, but without the roaring of the engine, almost like a high pitched screeching noise but you can feel it in your chest. So as the UFO passes over the trees to the the left of us, we stare at each other in awe. A second later half a tree breaks in half and falls to the ground very loud.

The next day I walk the same area to find a patch of high grass or weeds that has been made into a circle. A circle of dead grass laid counter clockwise. Weird shit.

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