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UFO Sighting 1974 Mount Macedon hotel near Hanging Rock
Home - User Submitted Encounters

UFO Sighting 1974 Mount Macedon hotel near Hanging Rock

Date Submitted: 05/12/2012

Visitor: Susie

Message: I've always thought one day I should tell this story, as it is unlikely the people who actually witnessed it ever did/will.

The year was 1974. I can't remember what month but I was at school and it was a weeknight. I lived in the Mount Macedon hotel near Hanging Rock and three of us (girlfriends) were all staying in the hotel this night. I went to bed and very early the following morning I was told what I had missed:

A HUGEA saucer-shaped UFO was hovering over the back of a bald mountain behind the hotel (I think it's called Mount Torong). It had enormouis yellow and orange spot lights going all over the mountain and smaller craft of the same colours flying in and around it. It hovered there for ages apparently. My step father woke and came out on the street with a couple of other neighbours watching the spectacle. He was an absolute cynic and very rational ... in a million years he would never have thought this possible. They called air traffic control at Melbourne airport and after telling the guy on the other end of the phone, it went dead.

No more was ever said about this and the people who saw it never discussed it again (I guess in those days one had to be careful you weren't ridiculed for being a nutter). I have a photo of the mountain that my friend drew onto years later to indicate the size of the UFO. From my estimation it would have been about the size of a small village.

Hope this connects up one day with some other sightings of that incident.


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