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UFO Hiding In The Clouds July 4Th in Maryland

UFO Hiding In The Clouds July 4Th in Maryland

Visitor: Clinton Johnson

Message: On July4,2009,I was cooking on the grill, I took some timeout from all of the smoke because it was kind of a windy day, in the smoke from the grill was pretty thick. I took a sit in started looking into the sky, the day was beautiful. I saw a small object hovering by two clouds,at this time there was a block party happening. It was as though the craft was watching everything.

This is not my first time seeing a u.f.o so it was not a natural resource of flying. As i gaze at the craft, which it was moving at a really calm speed, but could be faster than anything man made. It was kinda like camoflouge in between the clouds in started cruising to the north with such grace. I tried to get others to witness this phenomenom, but my eye sight is better than average, they could not see the craft because it hung in the clouds in stealth mode. but I saw a craft again in it is amazing, I should have tooken out my camera phone, I was just stun.This happen on Independance Day 2009, Baltimore,Maryland in the inner city.

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