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Home - User Submitted Encounters

Multiple Sightings and Alien Implants

Date Submitted: 12/27/2014

Visitor: Seth Coleman

UFO over home

Message: Hello, I believe I may have an implant. I am a 65 year old man. I have experienced a number of alien encounters, several of which were witnessed by others; twice I was just a few feet away from the UFOs.

To help me understand that I was not completely crazy, the Lord had me sit next to a Commander in the US Air Force on a plane one time. I saw something out the window that opened the conversation and he told me that he had been in charge of the Voyager Space Shuttle and chased a UFO over the skies of the Northeast for more than an hour. Until then I had refused to think about those experiences. Here are a few:

(Laguna Beach Ca, early 1970s)I saw one heading toward me and the next thing I remember was that I was standing below it, while it hovered and then slowly moved away. I remember, vividly, the sound of the highly tuned and very quiet engine. I looked in the newspaper and hundreds of people had seen a UFO that night. (I have the article from the newspaper).

Another time (West Palm Beach, Fl, 1987?). I had an out of the body experience and the following day a neighbor told me that she was frightened as she had seen a UFO hovering over my home. (Her husband was an air traffic controller.)

The conversation with the Commander in the Air Force prompted me to look further and I learned that some abductees have marks on their bodies and even implants. I have unexplained scars on my hands and in-between my fingers and on my knees that pretty much match what they describe.

That should give you an idea. I have had other experiences when I went missing as a child and a teenager and another experience while in college. My roommate was there, but does not remember it.

I live outside of Phoenix Arizona.

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