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UFO Attracted to Necklace

Home -- Submitted Alien and UFO Encounters

Black UFO Attracted to Necklace

Date Submitted: 03/03/2011

Visitor: Tony S

My name is Tony S and I live in Long Island N.Y.. My experience was a odd one.

I remember that day it was in June of 2002, I was out walking around the locale mall window shopping when I found a small booth selling replica diamond chains one with a big cross filled with replica diamonds for about $25.00. Even though it was fake I like how sparkly it was.

Later on that day, in the evening I went to visit a friend who I drank beer with and usually lets me crash in the second floor bedroom. I was asleep in no time with my feet facing the open window still in my street clothes with said chain on my neck. I awoke to a feeling of being watched and a sense of danger lurking nearby and I couldn't for the life of me figure out why until I looked out the windows I saw a black craft hovering silently about ten feet from the glass not moving and blocking the street and stars. It was all black and had a blinking light on its corners that as soon as I sat up started to sparkle. then turn red again.

Then I realized my chain was attracting its attention. Mind you this craft was outside on a very busy street! I can here cars and people talking outside but no one seemed to notice the UFO. I walked over to the window and that's when the craft was more visible to me since the room was dark. It looked like the size of a small commercial aircraft. It was all black, triangle shaped and had three red lights on its corners. When I held up the sparkling cross it sparkled again then slowly with no sound moved away from the window and ended up a few blocks away above a house in less the a few seconds. Some kind of weird blue beam of light came out of the bottom and hit the top of a house then it just zipped away and was gone.

I tried to tell my friend what happened but he did not believe me, he thought I was dreaming but I was wide awake and sober due to the fear of something unknown in my presence. I think the sparkle of the necklace is what may have attracted the craft. One day I'm going to try and get another and point it at the sky and see with my video camera if I can attract a UFO again and get proof.

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