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Abducted By Aliens and Saved By Wife

Abducted By Aliens and Saved By Wife

Visitor: Judy Lopez

Message: My name is Art, and my first encoutner with aliens was very terrifying to me. At the time I lived in Montebello, on Greenwood Ave. Looking back at heavens gate, that happend in San Diego. About 7:30 pm, i happend to grab my binoculars, i looked up, and happend to see a plane and took another look, and saw a red like ball,as big as the plane. It barely hit the plane. There were other witnesses. And later on, about a half hour later, I looked out a second story window, and saw a red mist that looked like a jelly fish linering under a black shiny space ship. It had long bright yellow windows around the edge.

A few minutes later, i heard foot steps running on top of the roof. But I fell asleep. And my girlfriend at the time, witnessed everything. She saw a light over me through the ceiling. She then told me that i was going up. So she then jumped on top of me and ended up in the space ship with me. And i saw myself laying down on a table. And looked to the side and saw her talking to three aliens. With in a few seconds, its like we both fell through the cieling back onto the bed. And both of us talked about what had happend. So i then asked her what did she tell them. And she said, that she told them to leave me alone in Jesus name. And I never had another encounter ever again. But I had many experiences before.

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